Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oso Revisited

One year ago today March 22, 2014 the small town of Oso had the largest mudslide In USA history. I wrote about it several times on my blog so you can actually go back and read about it. Also, I showed some pictures as well. Today they are having remembrance in Oso,Washington as well as in nearby Darrington, and Arlington. Forty-three lost their lives that day; however, it took several weeks for the first responders along with the Washington National Guard and other groups to find all the victims.

On that day a year ago not only lives were lost but many homes and highway 530 was under debris as well. The highway is what connected Darrington with Arlington. They had to put in a temporary road while getting rid of the debris before building a new highway. It took more than hour to drive between Darrington and Arlington during that time until the new highway was built. It cost the area financially with the loss of businesses that decided to move elsewhere. Today they continue to receive financial assistance.

For many reasons the area will take years to recover not only financially but with the thoughts of the people who live there and those who lost their lives. The people of the area are not only neighbors but now they are family. More lives could have been lost; however, some were out working while others live in the area only during the summer. No homes have been rebuilt because the state of Washington along with agencies is looking into whether it will be safe or how to make it safe to build again. It could be years if at all that building will happen.

The youngest survivor is Duke who now is about eighteen months old. He is doing fine though he has to go through with another surgery. Also, his mother who survived as well has to go through with another surgery too. Someday she and her fiancé will be able to tell Duke what happened. His mother continues to get reminders with nightmares. Like all the other survivors it will be the day they will never forget. I am sure they will have some good days and other days not so good. We all need to continue to pray for them and the whole area around Oso.

Oso is about an hour drive north and east of Seattle; up in the Cascade Mountains. I have not visited the area as of yet but I do plan to do so in late April or Early May on the way back from a visit to Vancouver, British Columbia. I look forward to seeing the area and take pictures.

If you are looking to learn about Oso, Darrington, and Arlington I would suggest doing a search to find stories.

Stay strong Oso we are all with you.


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