Monday, March 23, 2015

My Skipping Heart

The older that we get the more we have to deal with health issues. I guess it is part of the program. If we are able to keep our weight and diet in check than we are much better off. Currently I have lost about twenty pounds so far this year. I hope to be able to lose another twenty or three pounds during the rest of the year. It is really how we will live longer, and most of all the quality of life.

For several years I had to deal with high blood pressure. It runs on both sides of my family. My doctor put me on several different medications but for a few years it only let went down a little so he sent me to specialist who actually I knew because he went to my mother’s church. I won’t go into any details but he did find out why I had high blood pressure. So he put me on some new medication; it did take several months but now my blood pressure is at normal rate.

During the same period of time as the high blood pressure I have had problems with digesting food in my stomach. My doctor sent me to another specialist to see what could be done. I found that I had an ulcer and I could have it removed; however, it did not guarantee that I would not continue to experience stomach problems. The cost involved I decided to tolerate the problem. There are some foods I stay away from as well. Though my stomach hurts on occasion I feel I can live with it for the time being. I take medicine when needed as well.

Almost now two years ago I came down with a blood clot on my right leg. It was weird because I started having pain and having trouble walking after waking up from an afternoon. Urgent care was not open until the next morning. I probably should have gone into emergency but I did not know the seriousness so I waited until the next morning. It is something else I have inherited through my family. My brother Jack had same problem the year before except it was in his left leg. We are both fortunate that the blood clotting did not go into our lungs. There are people who die from blood clotting almost every day. I take medicine for it and go for testing at least once a month depending on the level. My medicine changes depending where the level happens to be; most of the time for me it stays the same.

The most recent health problem I found is that I have a skipping heart. It has been going on for several years I expect. I had a heart attack probably about ten years ago or more without knowing it. End of last September went into hospital for a procedure to see the extent of damage to my heart. Found it was very minimal; however, the specialist I was sent to for my heart feels that since it is still skipping I should have another procedure done which will take place in two weeks on April 6. What will happen is that the doctor will go in and shock my heart to see if it will go back into normal rhythm. If so than I am totally Ok; however, if not than a defibulator will be installed. It is like a pace maker. Either way everything will become fine. Though the procedure is routine now though there is a little risk I would appreciate everyone’s prayers.

I mainly writing this to say how important it is for us all to watch our health and not take anything for granted.  I continue to walk everyday unless it is raining very hard. I am taking medicine for it as well.

We each have a purpose and destiny in this life but we must keep our health in check so we can fulfill all of our purposes. If you are overweight I would suggest changing your diet and losing weight.  Also, go and do some exercising as well. Do not go overboard initially because it could be hard on your heart. If you have not taken a physical exam I would suggest it too. This is especially true if you are over the age of fifty. I am not here to judge just some friendly advice. Everyone especially your family wants you around for a while. Be true champions we must be as fit as we can. So have a good day and good health.

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