Friday, April 24, 2015

A Very Nice April

This April has seemed better than most Aprils that I recall. It sounds like I am repeating myself for February and March but it is true.

What I really consider a successful day is when I can see the sun sometime between 6 am and noon; also between noon and 6 pm. We have had a lot of days like that this April in the Pacific Northwest. When I look outside right now though it does not look like it will be one of those days.

I like it when I can see Mt. Rainier as well. Not every day can I see Mt. Rainier, and this morning is one of them days. Mt. Rainer is being covered by clouds; however, I can be optimistic that I will be able to see it sometime today.

Though I consider the day successful when the sun comes out I do not hang my head on the fact. Other words I can still have a successful day without the sun. If not I would have a lot of unsuccessful days this time of the year. My success would then have to depend on the summer when the sun is out almost all the time.

Yesterday when I was out for my morning walk I was thinking how lucky we are when the sun is out because there is no other place so beautiful in the world. Also, it is nice to have some rain so the place can stay so green all year around.

In my mind I find think that the best solution would be that it would rain between 9 pm and 6 am every day. I am a sleep most of those hours so why not.

Right now looking outside it looks like it may clear out for a minutes anyway and see the sun. What a joyous day will it be. Than you God that you answer even the small prayers.

Though likely it will rain for part of the day at least I can sing out loud “We have overcome. Shout aloud it is a joyful day”.

I just saw a small bird fly by looking out my window so he or she in that matter must believe that today is a joyful day. Now the wind is picking up. I wonder if today will be one of those days that we have all kinds of weather.

Though the time is early and I am beginning my day I can look forward to a wonderful day no matter what the weather turns out to be. I hope to be able to walk for a little while without some rain drops, and I can see friends whether old or new.

I hope that you all have a great day and the weekend that is coming up. Rejoice for this is the day the lord has made. Be glad in it.

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