Monday, April 27, 2015

Mercy and Grace

It is amazing that some people speak without thinking. I know that there are some who speak out saying a tragedy like the earthquake in Nepal is judgment by God. I heard one such guy say it happened in Nepal because of their pagan temples.

The truth is not everything that is a natural disaster like an earthquake is a judgment of God. The thing is that natural disasters just happen. They happen both to good people as well as bad people.

I have friends who are in Nepal right now and they are good godly people. They are in Nepal to serve God and the people of Nepal. I am sure they would not be there if they thought judgment was falling on Nepal except to warn them, and ask them to turn from there evil ways; however, this is not the case.

Most people know the story of Jonah and the whale. He was on his to Nineveh to tell them that judgment was coming unless they repented. He really did not want to go because he knew God would forgive them if they did repent which they did. Jonah was very upset with God because he knew that judgment would not happen if they did repent, and he wanted them to be gone.

Another story in the Bible had to do with Job also in the Old Testament. God was speaking with Satan, and God said you know Job he does no wrong. Satan replied to God that Job had hedge of protection around him. So God allowed Satan to do anything to Job except kill him. Job became quite ill along with losing his children. Job’s friends thought that he was put in that position because he had sinned which was not the case. The end of the story God restored Job and gave him twice as much along with more children.

Again things do happen to good people as well as bad people. If judgment happened to Nepal why has it not happened to United States or some other larger country yet? Nepal has not done anything worse than we have in the U.S.A. The truth is God is a merciful God with grace and love. There will be a time when judgment will come; however, this is not the time yet because he wants all people to know his mercy, grace and love.

As a follower of Christ is to let those who do not know God yet they must repent and turn to Christ. Every one of us has sinned and fallen short. It is our choice because he will not force us to follow him. He has given us free will and he is a loving Father and not a slave driver.

So if you think or know someone who thinks that God has put judgment on Nepal than you or they have been deceived; it is important to truly know the love of God.

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