Sunday, April 19, 2015


For about twelve years I worked in customer service, and before that I was in commercial service which is almost the same thing helping out the customer. The whole thing though most of the time the customer was upset when they called in. Either the bill was too high because of extra charges or they had problems with the product. In some cases they just did not like the product.

In customer service the first thing you did was to make sure you were doing the best thing for the customer as long as you were not hurting the company either. Of course there is a thin line you wanted to be sure the customer would benefit from you helping them along with what would benefit the company as well. Being a really good customer representative is to make sure you keep a very good positive outlook which is not always easy.

In sales the main purpose to be sure the customer will buy the product, and like the product with very few problems. Other words you wanted to be sure they would not call back to speak with customer service that the product was not what they wanted. If you are a very good salesman your purpose is to get the customer not only to like the product but return to you over and over again.

So what I am saying here is that we all should look at being salesman and customer service representative. We must sell ourselves like we are a product. This is important if we are looking for a job, or wanting to people to like us. We do realize that not everyone will like us just like we will not like everyone; however, if we can sell ourselves in a positive manner more people will like us. Other words we will have more friends.

Our main point of selling ourselves is to show people off our personality and how we care for others. For example, when I talk with people I try to say things with humor, and not be too serious except when necessary. There are times where concern is more important than humor. When I am out in public whether walking, grocery shopping, or in the coffee shop I go with eye contact, and a smile. I know that for some people it is hard to do. It does not match their personality or they may just be shy. I know my sister has been shy since she was a little girl but she has been working on getting better all the time.

Another way I see is that we in many ways have to be an actor. We may have to act different than we are, and be someone else. Though it is not our self we may want one person to see us in one way and another in a different way. Sometimes we may have to care in a manner that we are not used to. We may meet someone during the day that has lost a close friend or family member. Maybe they know someone who is ill or maybe they are ill. The whole thing is that we do not always know what to say because we may never been in their position before or how to react.

Saying all this is the most important thing we can do is to serve others. I have mentioned that we have a purpose and a destiny. We are part of a team whether it is family or friends, and we should be willing to serve them. It is the most important part of being a teammate. This is how we become winners and champions.

Go and be the best that you can be to all people realizing that not all people will be receptive to you but you will have more friends, and I think most of all you will like yourself  better.  

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