Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Being Wiser

I realize being older means it is important to be wiser as well. What that means I guess would depend on the person.

I see that I have made mistakes over the years, and I must continue to learn from them. I am not perfect like us all but it is important not to get new mistakes either. Other words not only mistakes should not be repeated new ones should not happen either.

The older we get it is sometimes easy to forget things. In this time now elderly are being taken advantage of. A lot of that happens to do with money. It is important not to let scammers take advantage of the elderly.

My mother is in her nineties; she is still blessed to have a really good mind. She plays bridge several times a week along with reading. She is able to recall so many things from the past. Of course, at times it is hard for her to remember more current things. She writes appointments down because it is hard for her to remember them. Being retired remembering what day it is sometimes comes into difficulty as well.

I believe that the mind is like the body where we have to exercise it to so it will stay in shape as well. I walk every day to keep my legs in shape as well as my heart. I see so many elderly that are unable to walk very well. I know that some are not able to because they may have had a stroke but I want to be able to walk the best I can when I am elderly. Of course if I have a stroke there nothing I can do concerning the problem of walking. I hope being the best shape as possible if a stroke does happen I can recover sooner.

Another good reason to be wiser is for the younger generation. Our grandchildren and their friends can use wise counsel. Regardless if you are middle age or elderly they can learn from our experience. This way they will not make the same mistakes that we made in the past.

I believe teenagers especially can learn from the older folks. I see now that more adults are mentoring younger people. It is true that often teenagers may feel hard to tell their parents what is going on their lives but may feel better talking to someone who is not their parents. I know I remember being a teenager and not able to tell my parents what was going on. It would really have been nice to have an adult to share what is happening. I was unable to find anyone at that time; it is seems to be more available now. I believe we would be surprised what they could learn from us. Another thing is that we can learn from them as well.

The whole thing about being wise though is that we should not think of ourselves being wiser than we are. We need to stay where we are comfortable. Our experience and knowledge should get us farther. The most important thing to go with be wiser is to be better listeners. I know at a younger age I did not listen to well. In fact I would say it is still a work in process.

So be wise and let others take advantage of it. It does not matter whether they are young or old. We all have a story to tell. This can be part of our new chapter.  

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