Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reading a Book?

 I have to admit that I do not read a lot of books though I think it is a good idea.

When I was about four years old the doctors found out that I had a hearing problem. It was fixed because the problem was that I had wax in my ears. Though it was cleared up and I was about to hear fine it took until high school for me to read very well. I was always behind my grade level, and then I took a three week speed reading class between ninth and tenth grades during the summer. I was the only student so I was given individual attention. In those three weeks I went from a fifth grade reading level to a twelve grade reading level. Now I am able to read a high college reading level.

I still do not read a lot of books. Though I do think it is really important. I believe all children should read some of the time. What I mean is that children should spend time doing other things as well. No matter what it is most children spend too much time doing one thing. If it is not reading it is video games or playing outside. I did a lot of playing outside but it is important to do other things. My recommendation would be to split the time in thirds if the child is interested. Reading and outside play I would insist to do for sure. If a child has a problem reading like I did I would do what my parents did and that was getting a subscription to Sports Illustrated. My parents knew that I was interested in sports so I would read about sports. So whatever interest your children get them magazines or books. Also, I read a few sport books like about my favorite player Willie Mays.

Recently I read a book called “Wait Till Next Year” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It was a memoir about her life growing up during post World War 2 in Brooklyn, New York. If you are baseball fan like myself it really good reading because she writes about her love of baseball, Jackie Robinson, and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, it was about a decade before me so it was really good history about baseball in late 40s and the 50s. I found enjoyable to read from a perspective of a young girl.

Even if you are not a big baseball fan you can enjoy reading it about other things. She writes about living in Brooklyn, her parents, siblings, and friends. She grew up being Catholic, and going to her first confession. I found it to be quite amusing. She wrote about other news worthy things happening during the times. For example the Korean War. Also, the death of actor James Dean; the book ends about the time the Dodgers leave Brooklyn for Los Angeles.

If I say it is really good book to read then you know it is a good book because I usually never finish reading a book.

I hope in the near future to read a few other books. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish them. I still mainly read magazines and news-papers. I mostly read the comics and the sports section. The other sections especially the front page I skim unless I find it really informative. Some stories I read on line as well.

Anyway happy reading and yes spend time outside as well. Enjoy some walking like I do.

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