Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

First of all I want to wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day. You look out for us from the beginning besides giving us birth. You think that labor is hard you find that there is a lot more to it. You sacrifice your needs to take care of our needs, and we do not always seem to appreciate it.
In the beginning of my life my mother wanted to be sure that I did not come up with pneumonia. She was quite concerned because she had an older brother who died only a few weeks into life from pneumonia and did not want me to have the same ending.
Actually she had to deal with her mother-in-law harshly because she did not understand how important it was for my mother. It is so wonderful that my mother fought for my life. We know why we have heard about the mother bear that protects her young no matter what animal comes to get them.
Though my relationship with my mother was not always perfect, and we had misunderstandings she wanted to be sure I was protected.
Remember to thank your mother no matter how difficult things may have been through the years. She has done a job that is sacrificial, and our society does not always give credit too. She does a job that does not pay anything either. She may have to work besides to be sure that you are taken care of.
I especially want to say thank you to those single mothers who does a job of two. It is not an easy task; however, her children usually know she is even sacrificing more.
Currently I am watching out for my mother because she is in her 90s. She still has a sound mind though her body is not in good condition. It is nice we are able to get along fine as well. I do not know how much longer she will be around but I do know that I will miss her.
The weather here in western Washington for Mother’s Day is expected to be around mid to upper 70s. It is like summer has arrived early. Usually the summer generally is around these temperatures and gets into the 80s as well. Not often does it hit 90 or so.
End here with a couple of my mother’s poems or sayings. I am sure you enjoy and know her humor as well.
“Great Caesar’s bust stood on the shelf and I don’t feel so good myself”.
“Dante Gabriel Rosetti buried all of his libratti thought the matter over then went and dug them up again”
Happy Mother’s Day


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