Thursday, May 28, 2015

What’s Happening

The last couple weeks it has been a busy time for my brother Jack and his family.
Today marks the third graduation where his son Ian graduates from Harvard University in computer science. I wish I was there right now. I can imagine what is going on because I have been to two graduations at Harvard. Right now I am sure that the graduates are walking in. After it concludes including speech from a well known person the graduates and family go to their prospective areas to eat lunch and then receive their diplomas. Usually the area is where the graduates lived unless they are off campus.

The next chapter for Ian will be coming out to Seattle for a job with Microsoft. It is same position that he worked as an intern last summer. Also, his girlfriend Helen is coming out as well.

On May 17 my niece Leslie her husband Daniel graduated from Lutheran Divinity School in Minnesota. I am not sure where he will be working as of yet but his Sunday’s will be busy for sure.

On May 18 another nephew and Jack’s oldest son Robby graduated from Yale Law School. He worked on the Yale Law review as an editor. He will be studying for the next couple months for the New York bar. He will be doing a little traveling before his next chapter begins working for a U.S. government agency. Congratulations to them all for their accomplishments. It is really nice when the younger ones in the family are paving their own way in different areas.

Closer to home next weekend June 6 and 7 Gig Harbor has its Maritime festival. It begins with a parade on June 6 where a lot of the town comes out. If you are in the area it would be a good time for a visit. After the parade there will be time listen to some music at Skansie Park which is down on the waterfront. Of course, there will be food available as well. I hope to see friends that I do not see too often.  Also, June 6 in the afternoon will be the blessing of the fleet. The local fishermen will be heading out soon to go to Alaska or the Washington coast.

On June 7 there will be continuing providing music all day long at Skansie Park along with other activities. It is great way to have fun especially if the weather is good.

It is so hard to believe that June is arriving at our footsteps. This weekend the weather is expected to reach into the 80s which is very unusual for the northwest; however, I would say the weather this year has been unusual all the way around. So it will be good to get out around the area whether by car, boat, bike or walking.

This coming Monday which is June 1 kicks off the month rain is expected. I am not sure how much but rain is normal for June but as I have said it is not a normal year. I am sure many places around the country can say the same thing.

I am still working at recovery from my procedure of last Thursday. I should be back to complete health in a couple days. I will get back to do some walking and if all things go well be riding my bike. It has been a while so I will start off slowly. I hope things will be normal for a while. Look forward to see what is in store for the summer.

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