Sunday, June 14, 2015

Being a Teenager

Whether you are teenager from a small town like Gig Harbor or a large city like Seattle it isn’t always easy.

I found living those teenage years being quite difficult. It is hard to realize who you are. Often you believe what others think of you. Actually it likely a very small group of other teenagers; we think that we are what they say we are when in fact we are not. We are closer to what our closest friends say we are. It is so easy to take things what others throw our way.

I know that I let others say get the best of me. It was really not fair to me. I was more than what they said.

I wish I knew then what I know now about myself. I was insecure, shy and nervous around girls. I think that they believed the same about me as the guys who bullied me and spoke ill well of me. I found out recently that there were girls that liked me whether it was my looks, personality, or whatever. Though I was unable to speak the words then I now can say them with confidence. Now that teenager that still lives inside of me you are a great guy. There are those that liked you a lot.

What I find sad and mad at the same time hearing about teenagers who decide to commit suicide. They do so because of bullies and those call them names along with other things. Teenagers of today who are thinking of suicide need to realize that over a course of a lifetime being a teenager is actually only a few years. Suicide is not the answer and you can’t take it back either unless by some chance the suicide did not work. So from someone who had to deal with a lot as a teenager you will survive. You are made for greater things no matter what others may say. You are a great young man or woman. If those thoughts are going through your head, and you don’t know how to stop it find a friend or a mentor. In the end you will be alright. I want you to know that.

For those of us that are past those teenage years remember the really good times and not focus on the negative. Whether you see them often or not the closest friends in that time period are your friends forever.

In the end despite the negative things Gig Harbor was a great place to grow up and still is a great place to live. It is more than the beauty it is the people. Great are the ones that I grew up with.  

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