Friday, June 12, 2015

Being Friends Forever

I read on line what a couple people wrote that grew up in Gig Harbor at the same time as I did. I found what they said being interesting as well. Also, a couple others have written stories on line growing up in Gig Harbor too but I still need to read them.

The two that wrote stories that I read were very good. They were different from each other; however, I got out of what each said was how much they enjoyed growing up in Gig Harbor, and most of all who they grew up with.

One was Dave who I mentioned on the blog about one of the best weekends in town. He wrote with a lot of description on living in Gig Harbor along with the type of person he was. Reading it would have been difficult in some respects until you were one that grew up in Gig Harbor at the same time. He mentioned it later in comments that those of us living here would understand it. He identifies that he comes from the things around him. For example: I am from fishing boats, net shed etc…. So everything in Gig Harbor is part of us; a very good way for us to be looking at things. David actually got this from his daughter Becky who wrote an essay writing from in a way that I came from…. It is a really good way to look at things.

The other one who wrote on line was Denise. She was a little older than me so I did not know her very well; however, I do remember liking her very much. I was shy and nervous entering high school so talking with girls was hard enough but older girls even a year or more was harder. Anyway, she now lives in California but remembered the great times growing up in Gig Harbor. In fact, she referred Gig Harbor as the Harbor. I found on her post that she actually lived not that far away on Peacock Hill which was near the city park that I visited a lot of occasions and had the baseball field I played home games on in little league. Also, she mentioned that she could see Randall Road ( what my brothers and I called  the low road that started at the city park), and Goodman Drive the road I lived on. Her writing style was not like David’s it was more like mine. She remembered Gig Harbor as a great place to grow up.

One thing David, Denise, myself, and others agree upon that not only Gig Harbor was a great place to grow up it was also those who we grew up with. I found growing up in Gig Harbor was not always the easiest but it still was the best. Not only it was and still is a beautiful place it was a great place to roam and spend time. I did not really enjoy school that much but play time and after school hours were great. Another thing we could agree upon as well is that we were spoiled in so many ways. Though we had all our ups and downs and trying to figure out who we were life was better in the Harbor than any place else; I not only want to thank my parents for such a good place to live but those who I grew up spending time with.

I am sure everyone had good and bad points growing up. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the negative things that happened instead of the positive and good things. They all made me who I am today.

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