Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

My dad has been gone for some time now but he is never forgotten. One of my first writings at end of 2013 was about my dad.

Like all fathers my dad was not perfect by any means but I have to say I could not been given any better one.

We did not have a lot in common as far as interests; however, he wanted the best for me, my brothers, and sister. He did things that interested me like taking me to ball games and one season was my little league baseball coach.

Probably the greatest honor I got from my dad was being named after him. Having the same name keeps him alive. My brother continued the honor by giving his youngest son Danny the middle name Herbert after both dad and I.

In the natural I am not a father; however, I hope that there are some young men and women who consider me a second father.

I want to wish a happy father’s day to all fathers but also to the men who are uncles as well since there is no official day for us. This is especially important to those fathers who only get to spend some of the time with their children. Also, those who act in place of real father because the dad is not around or is gone for whatever reason; all the fathers who are serving in the military, and not able to see their children today.

I see often that the mother’s get a lot of credit which they do deserve; however, the father should have as much credit as well. It is important that mothers and fathers should have the same credit and the same burden for the children; also, the love from the father as well. The strength and the boldness should come from the father.

I know that some will same you are not a father so you do not have the right to say some things; however, I am one that would love to be a father. If you are not standing up to do your father duty it is the time for you to do so. Your children need the best father around. A mother can’t take the place of the father. The mother has a role but so does the father. If you haven’t taken your place as a father it is time to do so. It does not matter how long it has been since you have seen your children. Be sincere, and ask forgiveness from your children. Let them know that you are now there for them. It does not matter how long it has been, and what the circumstances that has not allowed you to be the father they need. Also, it does not matter whether the situation was your fault or not.

 Last and certainly not least all men in United States should stand up strong whether you are a father or not. It does not matter how the media, movies, or television portray men.


Happy Father’s Day.

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