Friday, July 10, 2015

The Funny People

We all have funny, different, or strange people we know. The thing about it is most of them are part of our family. I am sure we all have stories to tell and we generally keep them in the family. I would say primarily we keep it in house because we don’t want anyone outside the family to know. Either we are embarrassed or others just wouldn’t understand.

In my family we have at least two and even more we would consider different and funny in their own way. In the both cases they are an aunt and an uncle. The other day I was telling someone about my aunt. He said we all have aunt like that in our families. It is sort of nice to know that your family is not alone when it comes to strange and funny people in your family. The thing about it all no matter how they have acted over the years, and done things that you wish could be changed you love them anyway. It is not like my aunt did anything illegal at all she did things you just which could be undone.

I have decided to keep her name out of the story on purpose though family sure knows who I am talking about. The thing about my aunt is that she never married so she treated each of us like we were her children which we did not appreciate. In my siblings and cousins she sometimes did not treat very kindly at times. I was lucky because I did not spend personal time along with her; however, they all loved her anyway. Though she had her faults she had her good points as well. The main thing is that she meant well even when she didn’t treat each of us very kindly. There are many stories I could tell but I would have to write a whole chapter about it in a book.  Who knows may do someday.

My uncle was on the other side of the family. He was my dad’s only brother. He is one I could write a whole chapter about as well. Actually my aunt and uncle are a lot alike in some ways and different as well. In his case he was married several times. If you knew the stories you would understand why he was married several times. Again he was one that meant well. Though he did not treat his family very well at times I enjoyed him as an uncle most of the time.

The thing about my uncle was he enjoyed telling jokes. The jokes were very good; however, he would tell them over and over again in the same setting. So I or better we would hear the joke at least ten times each time we would see him. In other words over time I heard the same jokes more than a hundred times. I didn’t know until later he got the jokes from Groucho Marx. Now you know why they were funny but my uncle was able to deliver them pretty good too.

So what I am saying is to remember those in your family with fond memories who were different and likely funny people. I know I do for my aunt and uncle along with other members I put in the same place. I guess I would say they all have made my life a better place. Of course, I have family and relatives who are more normal. I wouldn’t say where I fit in the crowd but likely in the middle somewhere. I hope to be remembered with good memories. These people are the ones that keep the family moving along. I am sure you have friends as well as family that you can tell good stories about. The funny people of our lives.

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