Monday, July 13, 2015

Enjoying the Music

I have really enjoyed music since I was a kid. I enjoy all types of music. I sang in high school choir for three years. It was a tough start because my voice was changing when I first joined the choir. Also, for quite a few years I sang in church choirs as well. My current church does not have a choir but does have a good small worship team. Though I would love to sing in a choir again it is not my highest priority. I enjoy during worship to be able to change the level of notes I sing whether to go with the melody or sing lower. I am a baritone so cool to make up my own part since we only have the words on the screen.

One of the reasons I joined choir. My mother didn’t like the way I sang around the house but that choir would help me become a good singer. My first choir experience in high school was for freshmen and sophomores. You didn’t have to tryout so it didn’t matter if you could really sing or not though most did sing very well. I was probably an exception at the time. Several weeks into the school year though I picked it up pretty well, and other members stopped making remarks that I didn’t care for. I liked music so much and wanted to sing I allowed the remarks not keep me down. My junior and senior years you had to join the large choir or not be in choir any longer. The thing though you had to be good to be part of it. There were tryouts for what was called chamber choir. It was really good when I found that I made the choir. This was really true for what I had to go through the year before. So the thing is I had a good voice I just needed to be trained in singing. With the love of singing and music it was great that I made it. I would have been heartbroken if I didn’t make it.  Another thing with the last name of Nightingale I felt it was important to be good. I didn’t feel I had to be a soloist but I wanted to be a good part of the choir.

So music is very much in my bones. I am glad the music I listen growing up was really good. It was not like it all good but I think it was in most part. There was some that the words were rebellious but that was the time period in the 60s and 70s. Some of the songs I didn’t listen to the words at all while others were really nice. It was the period of folk songs and ballads. You had Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Jim Croce, Bread, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor and a lot more. I believe now popular music has had a comeback. I didn’t listen to much music of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Most of it just was not my cup of tea.

When it comes to music I have chosen to lay back and enjoy. Music for me is something that relaxes me and in general is a part of me. Without music life would not be the same. I enjoy at times to listen and other times to sing a new song. In fact I want to sing more new songs, and go out and be a bit crazy with it. It beats anything else out there except maybe love.

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