Friday, August 21, 2015

Being a Helper to Others

It seems to me in our day and age it is hard to find people to help us whether it is moving to a new place or helping to install something in our current place. I am sure this is happening around the world everyone is so busy doing their own thing. Most people work a lot of hours at their job, and then spend the remaining time with activities. It is ok to work hard and to do activities but we must be flexible to help others as well.

We should leave at least one or two days a week open to help others. I know it is easier said than done of course. If you keep yourself open for others than they should be able to do so for you as well. Some things are easier to do with help than by yourself. I would even include working in your yard.

Part of the incentive would be to ask help from a close friend or even several friends for the help. You would include having pizza and beer or another type of drinks. If not pizza make different types of sandwiches; they have children that are the same age as yours, and are good friends as well bring them along. They can help along with the adults depending on what you are doing. At the least they can play with each other and stay out of the way. Also, this will depend on the age of the kids as well. The important thing is not only get the work done faster it is to have fun doing it as well.

Another thing is you can plan either before or after working together at your place schedule the time when you can go to their house to help out as well. It doesn’t  matter how large or small the project is the best part is spending the time with friends and helping each other out.

Another idea to helping out is to find someone who needs the help and has no one that they know to help them. This is really true for single parents. When I was younger a couple other friends and I would help others who were in need. We did it once or twice a month; most of the time it was moving someone but we had other little projects to help out too. Often they were people we didn’t know or know very little. We found it very rewarding along with the fact we spent some time together. I played a lot of tennis in those days as well, and helping others didn’t stop me in doing so. In some ways I miss those days though a few times a year I help others out.

I believe we feel rewarded for helping others out, and we may gain a friend or more as well.

The other day I met someone who said that they could use a new friend. We had never met before but the person thought the type of person they think I am would help them out. They just gotten out of a very bad relationship and needed a friend. They were not asking for a lot but to be there for them. This is another way we can help people out as well. We can keep some time available where we can be a friend to someone who needs a friend. The most important thing is to listen to them, and see how we can help them. We don’t have to spend a lot of time with them just be there when they need us.

I know time to time I can use a friend like that myself. Like I say people are so busy that even your friends may find it hard to spend time with you. I know that they say call us anytime; however, I find it hard to do that myself. I don’t want to put another person in a position where I feel needed and call them a lot. Let’s be open and help each other out even if it feels awkward because I know it will.  Have a great weekend all.

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