Friday, August 28, 2015

Endless Story

Right now we are all somewhere in our life story. There are some that are at the beginning, others in the middle, and then even others life is coming to a close.

What really makes life interesting is that none of us really know how long this life of ours will go. We may be here today but gone tomorrow or many more years to go.

I am closer to the end then the beginning; however, I hope the end is still a long way off. We all have a purpose and a destiny but when it ends anyone’s guess at this point. I would say that is why life is a mystery. I am still trying to figure out everything involved in purpose and destiny. I hope to figure it out before my life ends but if I don’t doesn’t change that I do have a purpose and destiny.

I know that my purpose in part anyway is to encourage other people. In fact, every person that I meet whether in person or right here; what I use for the most part when I am in person with someone is humor. It is a bit harder here because my humor is mostly on the spur of the moment. I do find it amazing how much humor I can get out there on any given day, and most of it is original. I may not say the same joke or pun twice most of the time. I do have some that I keep under wraps just in case I need them but the puns I say come up in given situations. I have friends that say I am the king of puns. I am not sure of that but I do say a lot of them in a given day.  Most people laugh while others just shake their heads. Whatever the case is I have gotten my point across. My main point is to have the best day possible with a whole lot of joy. This does not mean that I have some bad days because I do have some of them like most people but at the same time if we can have some fun in the meantime good.

Right now I feel to make each day the best I can. Circumstances in my life I don’t feel are the ways I like it but better to have a good time then sulk. I have many times over the years lived in depression and on the dark side which is not a fun place to be. So I don’t want to live there any longer as you can imagine. Many ways the dark side as I will call it has put me in a place now to enjoy life. Other words I can’t go any further down at least I hope anyway. I have never taken pills for depression because I have felt for one thing they likely won’t work and my depression has been about circumstances in my life and not a medical condition that people generally take pills for.

I would say part of depression and the dark side for me deals with self-pity. In other words why me? We can all look back to the past chapters in our lives to say I wish this didn’t happen but it did happen and the thing is nothing I can do to change it. If there was a time machine I would go back and change those things that I know better now. What I can do now is to learn from those regrets and live a better life. What I want most is to find my life partner to share before this life ends. At the beginning of 2015 I want to live this year as an adventure. I am not sure if it has turned out exactly the way I want it but it has been an adventure. Of course, the year still has a little over months left in it so more adventures can happen.

This year I have had to deal with some health issues but now they seem to be behind me thankfully. The issues had to with my heart and kidney stones which I can say really hurt; however, I am now past that. Last week visiting the doctor I found that my weight had gone up ten pounds because my legs were swollen with water. I am taking some pills along with drinking less water and eating foods with little salt. Right now it is an adjustment trying to change my diet that will allow me to lose the amount of weight I have wanted to do for some time. The thing about these illnesses it is easy to get down on myself; however, I have friends and old classmates that I grew up with that are going through a lot worse thing than I have this year. I feel blessed that these things have been taken care of.

So I am ending this with a word of encourage to make each day in your life an adventure even on the poor days. Enjoy a good laugh because we may have to cry ourselves to sleep. Also, remember that tomorrow will be a new day. Something really to remember for all of us when we go to sleep at night; each day has a challenge in itself though. Be blessed!

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