Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Home Town and Mt. Rainier

Growing up in Gig Harbor one of the best privileges I have is to view the awesomeness of one of the greatest scenes in the world every day.

Most days unless it is quite cloudy I can see Mt. Rainier right outside the apartment. Also, when I travel around Gig Harbor I can see the mountain at many different angles. When I travel back to the apartment on Reid road I can see close and personal. One of these days I will stop and take a picture though it is difficult because on Reid road it goes around a curve but I will see what I can do. It is funny I think of being close because it does take two hours to drive to Mt. Rainier.

The picture I show is of Gig Harbor with Mt. Rainier in the background. What is so great is you can view Mt. Rainier almost anywhere in the state of Washington. So for visitors when they come into Sea-Tac airport they can get a very close view of Mt. Rainier from the plane.

Growing up our family would go to Mt. Rainier every winter to sled and enjoy going during the summer as well. Whenever family comes now for a visit we make a trip to the mountain as well.  There are many places to see around Mt. Rainier as well. One year when my brothers were home from college we spent a day at Mt. Rainier snowshoeing. It was quite the experience to do. Many places to go hiking as well around the mountain; everyone can make it a day trip or more if they like.

Right now with forest fires in the area you can see smoke around Mt. Rainier. You can still visit the mountain because the fires are farther north and not at the mountain itself.

Every year a lot of people climb the mountain as well. It is important to watch when to climb because people have died on the mountain. I would say the summer time would be the best though not as challenging as in the winter and not as much snow except at high elevations.

We salute you Mt. Rainier and enjoy your presence every day.  

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