Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Rich and the Poor

It really does seem that the line between the rich and the poor is getting wider all the time. I am not here to write to put down the rich but it does seem more has to be done about it.

Here in Gig Harbor where I live there are more rich people than poor. Actually it is hard to find the poor though I know they are around. Gig Harbor is made up of a lot of wealthy people.  The houses in the neighborhood I grew up at are very large; unless you are very rich you could not likely afford to live there I know I couldn’t any longer.

The pastor of my church says that all teenagers in Gig Harbor should go on at least one mission’s trip to a third world country to see how other people live. We are sheltered in a manner that we don’t really know how the rest of the world lives. I have never been on a mission’s trip though I have been to Europe a couple times. Friends I have talked to that have been on mission trips to third world countries say they see so much joy out of the people they have met especially the children. Though they have very little they have a happy life. In many respects they enjoy like better than most rich people. Other words money does not always make you happy. I think part of their joy is to see people from other lands.

I know there are those that go to other countries to help out the poor whether it is giving food or helping build homes; however, there are those who go on vacations to places that have really nice beaches like the Caribbean and have a really good time but ignore the poverty that is around them.  What I am saying is the rich should not only give to help the poor but spend the time with them as well. Many rich give out a lot of money through organizations like Bill Gates Foundation which is a really good thing but they never take the time get to know the people they help.

In the beginning I said that the line between the rich and the poor is getting wider which I meant has to do with home much money each have but I think socially is the same way. In my opinion we need to spend more time with other people regardless of the class we are in. I am not saying just between the rich and the poor; also between the cultures. When I say we I am including myself in this as well. I am a white Caucasian with English and Scottish blood in me; most people in Gig Harbor are white Caucasian as well.  There are Mexicans, Indians, Blacks and other nationalities that I see most every day but I don’t take the time to talk to them as I should, learn about their cultures, and most important of all about them. This would go for those who are poor as well where I can learn about their struggles and what I can do to help them even if it is only in a small way.

There are many other ways we can help to bring the line between the rich and poor. I believe the United States government waste so much money on programs that could feed and house at least one third world country along with helping the poor right here. I am sure other large countries can do the same. I am not sure how much change can happen regarding the poor however if each of us does our part regardless how big or small we can make that dividing line smaller.

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