Friday, August 7, 2015

Visit to Seattle

It is always nice to take a trip to Seattle. I don’t do it very often; always do so when family is visiting from out of town like this week with my brother and his clan.

What we usually do is take the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle on these occasions. It takes a half hour to drive to Bremerton and another hour for the ferry ride. We take the ferry ride for the scenic view of Puget Sound and not for the time. It is much faster to drive to Seattle by car. It takes only about forty-five minutes the normal route through Tacoma north on interstate 5 to Seattle.

We spent the afternoon and evening down on the waterfront of Seattle along with going to the famous Pike St. Market. Both places are lovely to spend time at. There are several places to eat along with going on the Ferris wheel. It is a good way to view the area of Puget Sound and the city of Seattle. My family went on the ride of the wheel but I chose not to; for one I am not great on heights and the cost was more than what I would spend for the experience. Actually if it was the last thing we were going to do I would have taken the ride knowing that I could recover at home.

When you come in by ferry you can see both Safeco Field where the Seattle Mariners play their baseball games and Century Link Field the home of the Seahawks. Often people from Bremerton take the ferry over to see ball games. It is not too long of a walk or you can take a cab as well.

Another landmark you can see even from a long distance is the Space Needle which has been known since the days of the Seattle World’s fair. I can say that I did attend the fair so I maybe showing my age but I was not very old and don’t really remember at all. We decided that we didn’t have the time to go to the Needle on this trip since we have been there quite a few times. In fact I have been there many more times than Pike Place Market.

If you ever come to Seattle both the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market are a must to see. There are many other places that you can see as well but they are the top two. The number third choice would be going to Mt. Rainier that you can see looking south and east especially from the Space Needle.

The next thing I recommend to do is to take a number of different trips on the ferry. You can take the one I took; also, the Bainbridge Island ferry, or going to the San Juan Islands. This last one would take several days to get the most out of the experience but is worth doing so. The thing about both the Bremerton and Bainbridge Island ferries is that a lot of people who work in downtown Seattle will commute in every day. It is less expensive to live in either place especially in the Bremerton area.

Again we had a really good time, and I look forward to my next trip into Seattle. It is like many big cities though it is lower key than most. Much easier to relax; however, there are so many places to visit including hiking if you decide to move here. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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