Monday, September 14, 2015

Turning to Fall

Here in the northwest it is turning to fall though it won’t be official for another week. The temperatures on Friday and Saturday you would not have guessed about being fall because it got up to eighty degrees.  It was a record for amount days over eighty in a year; they say on Friday it was the fifth time had reached so this year, and never had happened before. I am not sure how many days we had over ninety this summer; however, it is a record as well. Most of the days that hit the eighties are during the summer. The average temperature during the summer is in the low seventies though this year I am sure it hit either the high 70s or low eighties.

Anyway the temperatures this week should be in the sixties with some rain. I expect more sun to come out before September is over. When October arrives we will be seeing less sun during the rest of fall and into winter.

Right now the biggest adjustment going from summer to fall besides the kids going back to school is where it is already getting darker earlier around 8 pm and the light coming out about 6:30 am. I know for me it is an adjustment because during the summer I feel getting up early in the morning and going to be later. Now I feel getting up later and going to bed earlier. Of course, for those have to go to work early it is quite the change. The thing is it will continue to get darker earlier and less light for the rest of this year.  In October at least the clock will be moved back an hour to help out.

What I do like about living in the northwest is that we have all four seasons. This year it is better than ever because we had so many hot days. I like the sun being out; however, I like the temperatures being in the seventies and eighties being much nicer than the nighties. I am glad it is becoming fall so we can have some needed rain. When winter arrives though I will be like most wishing the sun would come out more frequently.  The issue is not how much rain we have in the fall, winter, and spring is how many cloudy days we have. At some point we become very happy when the sun makes an appearance. Whether we have a lot of rain or little during these coming up months we have a lot of cloudy days. So you can imagine how tough it gets after a while. On the other hand it makes summer a great time of the year.

The last couple winters we have had very little snow. We had it snow a couple times with maybe two inches but the snow did not stick around long. Actually when we get snow even a good amount of it usually doesn’t stay around long because the temperature rises up to the high thirties and low forties. I remember though as a kid we had a lot more snow around in the winter. It usually happened right after Thanksgiving and Christmas. When I was in fifth grade we had a real good snow storm on the last day of school before winter break. In those days they called it Christmas break. We were let out of school that day early because of the snow. It was probably the only day in school that I wanted to stay because we were watching the Heidi movie with Shirley Temple. At that age there was nothing better than to watching Shirley Temple; however; I am sure when I got home, went out in the snow the Heidi movie probably didn’t have so much meaning. At a later time I was able to see Heidi all the way through.

Anyway fall is arriving and I will make the adjustment to darkness. Though I was not a big fan of school I did enjoy going outside to play in the fall. I was able to see my friends more often in the fall than during the summer. Of course, the same was for my enemies. Just kidding! We would go to the city park and play football after school. It was good time even when it rained and I got really muddy. There is nothing like fall.

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