Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Going For a Walk

This morning while going for a walk I thought about how important do so beyond getting exercise. Of course, getting or staying in shape is what we should do; however, there is much more we can do with walking.

I have mentioned the Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor before, and last week the park department worked on it cutting down some brush so the place looked so much different along with the fact the trees and the brushes still there look like the fall colors. I believe it is so good to see your surroundings while you walking. I know some people walk the trail and don’t really spend the time doing that instead are walking a fast speed, and in many there are those who walk in pairs or more while talking. It is so easy not to notice the surroundings because I have to admit that I don’t look often myself and I usually walk by myself.

Another thing I think is good to hear the birds or the wind like I did today. The first half of my walking I did at very high pace; however, I decided to walk slower the second half to enjoy all these things. I didn’t in this case because of the time; however, I could have spent more time doing so to get the full benefit out of the experience. Of course, here in Western Washington we have so many beautiful places to watch and view. Also, I make every effort to say at least to each person that goes by me, and depending on them I may talk to them as well. This is easier when they are going the same direction than I am. This morning there were to ladies were going at warp speed so they passed me by on the first half; however, they were willing to slow down a little so I could talk with them for a minute. I believe any time we can talk with another person no matter the amount of time even if only a few seconds will benefit both of us.

Since I do walk most of my time by myself I take the time to think about things as well. I guess we could call it meditating. I find it quite satisfying for doing so even when I am thinking about to write here on this blog. In our lives we can get so stressed out sometimes that meditating can relax us. I know that some people do that when they are in a yoga class; however, it can be good this way as well.

I do see some on the trail riding bikes, while others are running or jogging. Personally I think walking is better than either those to activities but it depends on the person. It was something that I thought along the trail this morning. Running I believe is better than jogging. Of course, I am not a doctor or a physical therapist but I would think that jogging would be harder on your knees or legs. It would all depend on how you jogged. If you glide in the same manner that many runners do than it would be OK; otherwise it pounds down. The one thing I do like what a lot of joggers do is listen to music. I believe it is another way of relaxation and releasing stress. In our society especially at work it is so easy to stress out now. We have so much technology that you would think us out but it really makes us more stressful. Though I believe walking is the best of the three I still think doing any of the three activities of walking, jogging, and running is better than doing nothing at all.

I am looking at discipline where I will work at eating less, and exercising more. Besides my walking I will try to do more bike riding as well. Again there are so many beautiful places to see here in Western Washington where you can bike. So many more places are setting up trails like Gig Harbor. The whole thing I find is that we have to make every effort to do so. It is so easy to slack off and make excuses as well. In the end our lives are so much better with less food and stress. It seems those things go hand in hand. We will have a better, healthier, and happy life.    

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