Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Chapter

In many ways we are like a book. Every day or at least every week is like a new chapter.

We can make the chapter very exciting if we want or not. Of course, other people who come in and out of our lives will make how things work out.

I enjoy writing to show at least part or some of my life. Whether I am writing about the past or the present; like I have said before we each have a purpose and a destiny if we choose to follow through.

Everyone looks at their life in a different way. In book form you may think of yourself as a mystery or science fiction. Whatever way you see yourself doesn’t change that you have a very good purpose in this life; it maybe being a parent, or something to do with your job. What is really important we can affect other people around us whether positive or negative? I try to be as positive as I can be. I know that some people are more people persons like I am while others rather spend more time alone. I think it is good to be either way. If you are one that prefers time alone I still believe you can have an impact around others when those opportunities arise just be open it. I am not asking to abandon who you really are just let other people in once in a while. Also, I believe this is important for those who have been hurt especially emotionally. I totally understand because I have emotional scars from the past but I try to overcome them as best that I can.

Speaking of the past later this week I will be attending two memorial services of guys that I grew up with. Neither one were my best friend; however, I did spend a significant amount of time with them when I was a kid. I feel bad now that I did not spend enough time with either one as an adult. I am really glad though that I was able to see both them in the past couple years and I did know what was up with both through social media. They much different from each other like night and day; however, I enjoyed a lot of laughter with both of them growing up. There were some kids that gave me trouble growing up but not in the case of these two guys.

So when I go to the memorial services I will be seeing a lot of people who I have not seen since high school. I look forward to seeing them now as adults. I hope that I can be able to find out about meeting up with some of them more often in the future. They both will be like reunions; however, I wish were in better circumstance. I will be thinking about them both a lot this week leading up to the memorials. Like I said they were both different guys so the memorials will be different as well. The first one will be at the Yacht Club in Gig Harbor while the other will be in a local church.

Especially when I was growing up Gig Harbor everyone new everyone else pretty much. Of course, I knew some more than others. I to know that there will be some at one or the other memorials; however, there will be some like me who attend both since many people knew both.  I look forward to seeing all these people though I wish were under better circumstances. I will enjoy hearing about old stories. I am sure some will be those I have heard before while others will be brand new to me. Also, finding out what they have been up to since high school will be interesting as well. I will be filled in on the chapters I do not know about.

I am sure next week after I have attended both memorials I will be changed inside, and I will have old friends who will become new friends again. I find it interesting that some of these people in my past have been still living in Gig Harbor while other live somewhere else. I do find it interesting that even in a small town like Gig Harbor often I do not run into those I grew up and still living with; however, I have met other people who moved here, or either older or younger than me who knows those same people. I find it always fascinating to find out who knows who.

I have an interesting story where the coffee shop I go to almost every day they are expanding the shop coming up in January. The coffee shop will be twice as big as it is now, and they will be adding new things like a fire place. The current coffee shop will be torn down as well in the inside anyway so it will look somewhat different. Anyway one of the guys who will be doing some of the interior work I grew up with, and I have not seen him in years. I expect that I will see him at the first memorial service this week since the deceased, him, and I went through school all the way from elementary to high school. Throughout the school years some new students came through and some other ones left primarily most of us new each other at least junior high through high school since some did go to a different elementary school.

I hope you enjoy another chapter in your life this week, and think about those you grew up with, and you do not see now. Maybe find a way to hook up with them if there is a chance. Remember in many ways they were like family. I hope not to lose any more in the near future anyway.

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