Monday, November 16, 2015

More of the Waterfront

I believe I have been blessed to live in most beautiful place in the world. It is a major reason I write about this place and my life growing up here. I am sure though most people feel the same about where they live. It does not mean though our lives have been perfect because I think we have all gone through trials and tribulations.

I want to continue on the subject of waterfronts. My thought is that most people live on or near waterfronts because of the beauty and the need of water. Almost every large city in the world is surrounded by water; in the United States I can name even a few and a lot more as well. There is New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston that I can name right off the bat. Of course, I live about an hour from Seattle. I can name other cities around the world as well like Hong Kong and Tokyo to name just two among many.

There are many places I would love to travel to if I have the time to do so and they all have great waterfronts. Here in Western Washington we have quite a few on the Puget Sound besides just Gig Harbor. Of course, I named Seattle already that has a great waterfront that is being renovated as well. I travelled and spent time on the Seattle Waterfront in August when my brother Jack and his family were visiting. We took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. It is so nice to see some of the Puget Sound by riding the ferry. Bremerton itself has a very large waterfront that you can drive through; however, it is made up of several Navy ships since the Navy Shipyard is in Bremerton. You can take tours of the ships that are available if you have the time to do so.

Coming out of the Bremerton harbor to go toward Seattle off to the right is Port Orchard. It has a very wonderful waterfront that you can drive by or walk along as well. Looking ahead on the ferry you can see Bainbridge Island among several islands while on your way to Seattle. Bainbridge Island you can travel by car as well. On the way you can stop off in Poulsbo a small town like Gig Harbor that has a wonderful waterfront as well. Like Gig Harbor tourists love visiting Poulsbo; a lot of small shops and restaurants as well. If you continue to drive past Poulsbo you can cross the Hood Canal and go to Port Townsend. It has a very nice waterfront as well with a mixture of old and new. The last time I was visiting there they were process of renovation as well. At Port Townsend you can look out on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Going further north is Sequim that looks out to the strait as well. Sequim is unusual place and many people retire there because they do not have much rainfall. Going further is Port Angeles that has a great waterfront and many people take the ferry over to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Most people who live on the Olympic Peninsula which all these cities I have mentioned travel to Victoria this way.  If you are in the Seattle area you can take a ferry to Victoria from Seattle as well. Either way you go the ferry ride is fantastic and beautiful especially during the summer.

Nearby Tacoma which I take the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to has a very nice waterfront as well though much of it is occupied by the Port of Tacoma that brings in ships to unload cargo. A lot of the cargo comes from Asia; however, you can view the waterfront of Tacoma as well which is really nice. I can actually view what is called Point Defiance from my apartment. It has a very nice five mile drive that you can walk, run or bike through. Point Defiance has a really nice Zoo that you can visit as well. In fact, they are looking to do a renovation of the Zoo. Real close to Point Defiance is Ruston; a small community that has done quite a renovation and has an outstanding view of Tacoma waterfront. Point Defiance you can take a ferry over nearby Vashon Island which is another lovely place to visit. On another end of Vashon Island you can take a ferry to Seattle.  So the people who live on Vashon Island work either in Seattle or Tacoma; another great place to be a tourist to visit for a day.

Going north of Seattle there is quite a few places you can visit. The largest city in that area is Everett. Beyond Everett is Camano Island, and then you can go west to Anacortes for a ferry ride to the San Juan Islands. If you want to bypass the San Juan Islands or spend another day before going or returning is Whidbey Island. You can actually take a ferry ride over to Port Townsend from Whidbey Island to spend the time exploring the Olympic Peninsula.

Like I say though Gig Harbor has a wonderful waterfront there are so many more waterfronts that you can explore throughout Puget Sound. I know I could spend days or weeks doing so.

Wherever you are I recommend that you spend time at the waterfront near you as well. Enjoy your wonderful week.

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