Wednesday, November 18, 2015

War or Peace

I have to say that I likely won’t write about this subject very often. I know to that everyone has an opinion on this one side or another. I am sure most of us want peace and not war; however, we have to be realistic that we are in a war whether we like it or not. There are fanatics out there wanting to put people to their knees at the very least and wanting to kill everyone who does not believe the way that they believe.

I know that no one has used this term except maybe myself I call it the ISIS Crisis. These fanatics want to kill every Christian in the world and I am sure others who don’t believe the way that they do.

There are some who will put all Muslims in this category; however, I am sure most Muslims are kind. I don’t know that for sure because I have to admit I don’t know the religion very well. In fact, I don’t know any Muslims personally. I see some here and there on a few occasions. I would have no problem saying hello to them and having a very good conversation. If they are willing to tell me more about themselves and their religion I would be up for it very much.

I am a believing Christian so I know that their religion is different than mine. I know to that they do not believe in the same God and how to receive salvation in the same manner; however, like I say I will be kind to them since Christ tells us to love our neighbors. I am not here to put down someone who has a different belief system; however, anyone who wants to kill me because I am a Christian though I love them they are my enemy so we are at war whether I like it or not. Though I pray for peace I do know that war is a reality as well. If you are a Christian or not being an American you automatically an enemy of ISIS and any other fanatics; of course, France and Russian along with the rest of Europe you are in the same place unless you are Muslim. I am not saying that all Muslims are automatically our enemy because I am sure most of them do not feel the same way as those that are fighting the cause of ISIS.

The next thing is about bringing in refugees from Syria. I know that many people in America think it is a very bad idea. I am sure that some are on the side of President Obama and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that we should allow them in. I am one that believes that we should be cautious, and do screening before letting any refugees in. United States is a country of immigrants since we have all come from somewhere else unless you are Native Americans. My family primarily all came from England and Scotland though many years ago so I have no problem allowing people in as long we find them not to be dangerous. Right now that we are at War whether we acknowledge it or not anyone who wants to be an immigrant should be carefully screened regardless the country they are from.

Since what happened last week in France and we can’t forget September 11, 2001 we must realize that War is at hand. We must pray for peace; however, knowing that it could be a long time before peace comes again to this land and world. France and Russia have both gone into Syria against ISIS with bombing. Though I do not agree with the stance that President Obama and Clinton they are proclaiming I wonder as well in the back of my mind if that is a strategy that our President and others in our government is using. You may be asking what I mean by strategy. This could be where President Obama and Clinton look as bad guys to most Americas and foreigners wanting to knowing that our government is for refugees while at the same time allowing the French and Russia to fight the war against ISIS. Other words, I maybe saying it is a smoke screen. I really do hope that is our Head of State idea. I am sure our top government officials are keeping their eyes on ISIS and not let them come into United States.

We should not be secure in our safety and pray that ISIS will come down and crumble. Also, we should look out for any item that looks suspicious and report it. Right now peace be with you.

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