Friday, November 27, 2015

Three Kinds of Friends

This Thanksgiving again makes us realize how thankful we should be for family and friends along with our health as well. Thinking about it there are three types of friends we should have and be thankful for.

The number one type of friend is someone we look up to and want to be a lot alike. This friend though we know is not perfect they have the qualities we would like to have ourselves. This friend we spend some one on one time with to learn from them. We would call them our mentor. If we see them afar at this time we should let them know that we want to spend time with them. This person could be our boss at work, a neighbor, or someone we have known for a long time. Whatever the case maybe they are a special person in our lives, and we will become even a better person because of them.

The second type of friend is the kind we have more than the other two. We are with them in group situations primarily. They are our co-worker, neighbors, longtime friends, see them at the coffee shop, athletic club, church, or you belong to an organization club. Whatever the case you are around them a lot or maybe once in a while; however, you consider them your equal. It is most likely the number one friend started as a number two friend then you realized you wanted more out of them but these are your peers.

The number three friend is similar to your number one friend; however, you are the mentor or the person they want to be like. Also, they could be someone you feel that they need encourage and you have sympathy for them. It is possible that you were in the same situation yourself like they are in right now. You relate to their circumstances, or their need is in your heart. You want to hear them even if it is to listen only.  Likely after sometime they will become a number two friend; however, they will be more special to you then your other number two friends because you spent so much one on one time with them. At some point you will have another number three friend that you will be working with as well.

Over time your friends will grow though some will leave because of relocation; however, all friends will feel very special to you. Those who leave you will keep in contact by email or social media to be sure that your friends for life.

In many ways friends become more like family then your actual family though there stills nothing like family and the natural bond. This is something we all should look into doing this coming year to have all three types of friends. We will all be better people for it. Happy Holiday!

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