Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Discovering Ourselves

Another thing we should look at doing this year is to discover more about ourselves. Early in life we start out by discovering everything around us. We look at others and in a few months we start crawling than walking. During that period we most likely meet others around the same age we are. They maybe cousins or children that belong to friends of our parents; these days often the mothers go out together for long walks or runs with them.

The next step we meet more when we get a little older at preschool and church. We try to discover more about ourselves besides them. Later in middle school we discover the opposite sex. We may be shy initially but then we step out to spend time with them. We learn more about ourselves and our feelings. During the high school years we may get involved in dating where we know even more about ourselves. Of course, the next step more serious dating that leads to marriage. There we learn more about the opposite sex as well as ourselves. Here we learn more what we like and dislike. The next thing happens is we have children where we learn even more about ourselves. This all continues until our resting days.

I am sure there are those who may learn all about themselves earlier in life then the rest of us. I believe it is an ongoing process especially when we get into mid age where we in many instances learn about ourselves all over again. During this period often divorce happens where you have to learn more about yourself. The term usually at this time of life is called midlife crisis.

I know in my case I look at getting to know myself more each day. What I am looking at and discovering is that I have a purpose in this life that includes beyond me. I believe that my purpose is to help out others whether it has to do with my writings or meeting people in my community.

I feel that I can especially help the young people in their twenties. It is a period of time in life where you may have questions and doubts going from childhood to adulthood. What your career maybe along with relationships leading to marriage and children. What makes it really great I feel the young people are attracted to coming to me. This is where we can discover ourselves is know where we fit when dealing with others. It is possible you may have the same purpose I do or working with others even younger or possibly those around your same age. The first thing though is for us to discover ourselves. We likely will have to spend some alone time with ourselves to see where things lead. Anyway I hope this is a good encouragement for you.



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