Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Having Pets

I am sure we all have had pets at some time or another; whether we are talking about fish, cats, or dogs.

Growing up our family always had at least a couple cats and some fish. We had a dog when I was small but I don’t remember him at all. We had a fish tank with several different types of fish though primarily gold fish and gobies. The only problem with fish is you have to keep the tank clean.

What I liked about having cats is they are pretty independent and can take care of themselves. We had a couple cats that lived a long time while we were young.  For a little while at the time we had a black Siamese cat but one day he did not come home. He was a cat that like to adventure around. I really liked him a lot however we think he was killed by a Cougar. Yes back then in East Gig Harbor we had cougars along with other wild animals. Now and then you can see a bear and there are a lot of deer around as well. I have actually seen a deer walking in downtown Gig Harbor.

During my high school years and beyond we had a couple cats that were black and white. They were brother and sister that we named Cesar and Cleopatra. We had a mostly brownish cat at the same time name Mushka. During that period of time we decided to let Mushka have a litter of kittens. She was only cat we decided to allow to have kittens. She delivered some beautiful kittens that we gave all away except one we kept. The funny thing about it was that Mushka decided to have the kittens on my bed while I was sleeping. Boy was I surprised when I woke up with several kittens on my bed. For about ten days Mushka would not allow me in my bedroom. I then decided enough is enough and moved her out. Another part of this story is funny too. Mushka decided to put the kittens in the back of one of the couches. The problem there was a whole in the back of the covering in the couch so the kittens would fall out the other end. Mushka did not know what was going on except she continued for several minutes putting the kittens back into the couch. I decided to intervene move her and the kittens to another location. Mushka wasn’t much of a mother however she did try very hard. Only litter we allowed her to have under the circumstance.

Dogs on the other hand are a little more work to do than cats however there is a reason they are man’s best friend. There is nothing better than having a dog in my mind though I have never had one except the time I was little. My brother Jack has a golden retriever along with a couple cats. The golden retriever is a really friendly dog so whenever Jack takes her out for a walk any children around enjoys saying hello. I do have a neighbor who has a yellow lab. What a wonderful dog as well; has no problem being friendly with me.

Growing up though our cousins in Seattle had a dog named David. I am not sure what kind of dog he was but he was not very big. I really like David he was something else however he liked getting into fights with bigger dogs and always lost so he ended bleeding to some degree. Just like it is easier to remember some people more than others it is the same way with David.

Anyway if you never had a chance to have an animal I recommend getting one. At the very least get a fish or two. You may want to stay away from snakes though.



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