Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What We Like To Do

In our lives there are things we like to do. The problem sometimes it interferes with what we should do.

If we are in a relationship we need to realize that it is not all about us. The problem is that we are selfish at some degree or another. I am not here to put ourselves down because there are times that we need to do those things we like to do however there are times we need to do other things besides.

If you are married there are things that your spouse wants you to do. It sort of like when we were kids and our parents want to do some chores. I know often I was upset because I wanted to do my thing or I would say that I will do it when I am done with my thing. Of course it did not go over to well. Other words we have responsibilities we really don’t want to do however they must be done. We can make all kinds of excuses to do them later at another time.

There are things often that we decide not to do though we know they have to be done. The trick is to get them done as soon as possible that way we can do what we want to do. A good example is that you want to see a football. It really is good when everyone else wants to see the game as well but if they don’t or you still know those things must be done is to get up early and take care of them. I think a good idea is to make a list of those things that must be done and make a schedule for them to be completed. It sort of like the list you make when you go to the grocery store so you won’t forget something. I am not saying that I do this I just think it is a good idea.

The more we do those things that have to be done before those things we want to do the better off we are. Not only we can enjoy our selfishness the more we can enjoy others as well. I really hope this helps everyone including myself. Personally I try to put things off long as I can. The only things I do on schedule is doing the dishes and taking out the garbage.  The reason I have on them is that I don’t like messes around the house though there are still things I must do a better job of doing.

Besides being selfish there are some things we are not very good at as well. There are times we must be reminded to do them. The best is to say yes and smile under your breath. Anyway enjoy all things even the ones you do not really like doing. Have yourself a great week and do something early in the week so you don’t have to do it on the weekend.  

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