Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Lives Can Change in a Second

I have been thinking that all of our lives could be different because of one second. Some time we all have experienced something that may have changed us for the rest of our lives.

I remember once driving in Tacoma in a split of a second or two I may have been in a car accident or three. I was heading to downtown Tacoma where three cars in those seconds I could have been hit by at least one of them if not all three. The possibility was great if I had been hit by the first car that the other two would have been involved in the accident too. With three cars involved a greater chance of a bad injury would have been likely.

About three years ago on highway 16 heading west on my way home a tanker truck and a pickup truck were almost involved in a collision that I could have been right in the center of it all. It had been raining the pickup truck was going faster than me and passed right by me. He did not realize the tanker truck was only a short distance in front of him. Since I was able to view the scene in front of me I slowed down however the tanker truck swerved and then came to a stop sideways. The pickup was able to stop and get onto the side. There was another vehicle that had to make a sudden stop as well. I am not sure what happened after that though I was a bit shaken up I continued on my way home which was less than ten minutes. I am sure all three drivers had to relax for several minutes since they likely more shaken than I was. Another case what may have happened in a second. I am sure everyone has gone through a similar situation a few times. I call it a miracle or at least mercy and grace.

I did experience a situation when I was four years old where a second made a big difference in my life. I could have had my life totally changed around. Being four years old I had no idea really what I was doing however I decided to cook eggs on the stove when my pajamas caught on fire. My sister Barb twelve at the time was not too far away from the kitchen screamed out for help. Mother came with a blanket and smothered the flames. Dad than rushed me to Mary Bridge Children Hospital in Tacoma going over ninety miles an hour across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Mother told me years later a second delay or more I would have either been dead or at least a scar on my face. I have seen other children with scars on their face and I am so thankful that scar is only on my right side of stomach and under my right arm pit. Still I was in the hospital for six weeks with a 104 temperature most of that time.

I am sure we all have heard other stories that turned out this way when a second could have made a more tragic ending. In fact we have heard stories that turned into being very tragic and one second earlier may have made a different outcome.

So be thankful for a second that turned your life into a better ending where grace and mercy entered in. It is so hard to know the answer for some of us had a good ending while others did not. I am here today for what I would call a miracle. I can share this with anyone who wants to listen. We need to be thankful for every second we have in this life.

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