Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reckless Abandonment

 I continue want us all to realize that we can be the best. We all have a purpose and destiny regardless what we have been told by others whether it was when we were children or even in adulthood. I believe a part of my purpose and destiny is to encourage others they can be the best possible person. So I will continue to do so here in my writings.

Growing up often we have obstacles that get in the way for us to be the best. Usually they are either physical or emotional. Because of these obstacles we are told by our classmates or teachers that we can’t be of any value which is a total lie.

When I was four years old I could not hear. At five years old I started talking because my ears were cleared up. My mother told me the problem with my hearing in part was that I had wax in my ears. So the doctor removed the wax out of my ears so I could hear. Why I say in part with the wax my mother said I had more issues with my ears though she doesn’t know even today why. Though I don’t know the whole issues with my ears I do know the clearing of the wax took care of my hearing. It is very possible whatever else wrong with my hearing removal of the wax helped them out as well.

Continue on with the story. With my hearing cleared up I started talking a lot especially in school. I am sure because I started talking at five years old I had a lot of time to make up. You figure most kids start talking at the age of two. It was not that I did not talk at all before five years old my speech was not understood by most except my older brother Dick. He was my interpreter so if anyone including my parents wanted to know what I was saying he would let them know since I had my own language. In better terms I started speaking English at five. Anyway most of my teachers did not understand that I had a problem with my speech they wanted me to stop talking so much. I have to say it is discouraging for a kid who doesn’t understand what is all going on but wants to communicate with others. Other words most of my teachers made me think no instead of encouraging me to be the best I could be. My parents on the other hand encouraged me that I was my own person and I could do anything despite a short beginning. So what I am saying we can be the very best no matter of are small beginnings.

So where does reckless abandonment come in the equation. The ultimate team sport is American football. The teams that become champions whether it is high school, college or professional leagues they have an attitude of reckless abandonment which means you go all out against the opposition. The position in football that shows that the most is the linebacker; watching the linebackers they are crazy and have no problem going after the player who has the ball. Their attitude is to attack and bring down the player in whatever way possible.

Another group that shows being in attack mode is the Naval Seals. They are trained to go into any situation in battle to bring back those who are being captured by the enemy in any fashion it takes.

For us to truly be champions we can’t be afraid to go into any situation to succeed. This is where reckless abandonment comes in. We have a purpose to take care of others even if it costs us our lives. Other words we must look at laying down our lives for our family and friends no matter the cost are to us. Have this attitude will make us true champion.

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