Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Style

When it comes to our lives we each have our own style that we can call our own. There is no one that is like us on the planet which is probably a good thing.

Most of us hang around those who are a lot like us however it still means we are our own person. I have known several identical twins and in each case they have some little differences in their looks well as their personalities. I have a friend Nick who has identical twins; he is amazed that I can tell the difference between them when most everyone else cannot. Of course, we are talking about adults and not their friends. What helps is that I knew in school several identical twins.

I have heard my mother say on several occasions that you find out early that you treat each of your children differently. What works on one does not necessarily works on another. My sister and my older brother were much quieter and behaved better than my younger brother and I. My younger brother Jack though got away with a lot because he being the youngest they thought of him as an angel. Later on when he grew up they realized that was not the case. Jack and I do have some differences though our interests are alike as well. We both enjoy sports though he likes football more than I do and I like baseball more than him. Though he does talk some he is somewhere between my sister and older brother while I enjoy talking anytime. I have no problem talking with a total stranger either. Also I throw in humor in every conversation as well. You can just ask anyone who knows me very well.

Though we all have different personalities there are ways that we are different as well. I take the example of my mother and her older sister. Oh by the way my mother was the youngest of four children. She had two older brothers as well. Her oldest brother Bob was ten years older than mom. I am not sure the difference in age between him and Uncle Alan however I expect about the same as my mother and Aunt Judy. My aunt was about twenty months older than my mother. Just in case you wonder Bob, Alan, and Judy are no longer alive while mother keeps going on at ninety-five years of age. How my mother tells the story Aunt Judy was very competitive as a child and mother was not. This was very true between the two of them. The big problem though was that Aunt Judy tried to make everything competitive between herself and mother. The one thing Aunt Judy did not understand was that mother cared less about being competitive. Even up to the time Aunt Judy passed away just before her ninetieth birthday. Even now mother talks about it with a little bitterness in her throat.

I have to say though we can learn from mom and Aunt Judy is that not everyone appreciates how we act. I have learned over the years that not everyone enjoys my sense of humor. Fortunately a lot more do than those who do not. So those who I figured out that don’t like my sense of humor I do not use it on them.

Though I am not an expert by any means we need to be able to use our personalities along with our other gifting’s to help other people out. We may not realize is what we have can benefit others in so many ways we can’t think of. Also, it is important not to bring out our shortcomings as well. Yes despite what we may think we all have shortcomings. I am not sure what mine our but I must have some. Just kidding!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and use your style today.

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