Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rain Anyone!

 During December we had a lot of rain the second highest rainfall in fifty years. January started off looking pretty good though however now it is raining once again.

Usually when we receive rain here in Western Washington the showers are light. It is heavier this time of the year but I don’t remember it raining hard as it is doing. Since I have grown up with rain and used to it a lot this type of rain is OK for a day or two but it is getting somewhat ridiculous. Yesterday when I went out to my coffee shop it was raining light however when I arrived at my destination it was raining twice as hard and continue long after I left. What made it really interesting is it took less than five minutes get to my destination. Later in the midafternoon I had to take my mother to her dentist appointment. It had not rained for at least fifteen minutes however after being in the car for a couple minutes it started raining once again. Do you see the trend I am talking about. When I arrived at the dentist office it stopped raining thankfully so did not have to walk in the rain though we were not walking very far. After the dentist though getting into the car it started raining once again. Nice to know the rain is polite enough to start when I get into the car.

Let you know that this is a common occurrence here in Western Washington where it rains for a while then stops and then starts again. Like I said it usually showers most of the time and not a heavy downpour like it has over the last couple months. So if you need some rain where you are just let us know we can pass it on.

The positive side though means that our mountains are getting plenty of snow this year. The last couple winters the snow level has been down. Here in Gig Harbor we have had only one drop of snow ten days ago. We got less than an inch and only lasted a couple hours. Some people freak out about the snow even if it is a small amount. Most of them are those who have moved into the area over the last few years. I remember the years past where we got up to ten inches of snow at one time. I haven’t seen that for about five years since the last real good snow storm. The biggest problem we have is the amount of hills in the area and many people have difficult time getting out of their driveway. Fortunately where I live I don’t have the problem. I do remember though where I previous lived it was a bit more difficult to get out when it snowed. About ten years ago we had a good snowfall where I was unable to drive out without shoveling first or getting a good push.  Actually someone helped me push so I could get going to work. I lived close to the grocery store so I could walk for ten minutes if I had to get groceries.

The weather forecast is to have rain for ten straight days. So I am sure I will start saying we are having enough rain. Hopefully when it stops we will have some sunshine for a few days before it starts raining once again. It will be nice if we can have sun for six straight months like we did in 2015. All I can say it is what it is.

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