Monday, January 25, 2016

We Want You

I know this is an interesting statement to say the least. The sign you see I used to see when our family went on trips south on interstate 5 going to Oregon.

I haven’t been down that way for a few years however I expect the sign on billboard showing Uncle Sam is still there. It is located somewhere near Centralia, Washington which is about an hour drive depending on traffic from Gig Harbor. These days the traffic is heavy in the mornings around Ft. Lewis/McCord base which is just south of Tacoma. It is best to pick a good time to go either earlier or later in the morning so you don’t have to drive slowly.

Olympia Washington which the capital of the state is about half way between here and Centralia; you can get off I-5 in Olympia to head for the ocean beaches as well.

Anyway if I recall the Uncle Sam sign is put on by the John Burch Society if you have ever heard of them. They are a political group that has their own way of thinking. When I was twenty I went to Forks, Washington on the Washington coast where it rains a lot. Now it is known for the Twilight series. I worked in the radio station as a DJ and news reporter for six months. It was quite the experience. Why I bring that up the radio station had a John Burch Society program on every Sunday morning. To be honest I didn’t really listen to the program because I was checking the news and getting records to play along with other programming coming on after.

Seeing the sign near Centralia I always found to be interesting. I wondered if Uncle Sam actually wanted me or not. I really did not know however it was good conversation between my brothers and me.

Since we were primarily going to see our sister Barb who was at college in Eugene, Oregon at University of Oregon and it took about four hours get to we had to get our own entertainment. Besides reading as many signs along I-5 we would read license plates and make up words from that. Usually that did not last long. Of course, at some point our parents would on our case for being restless. In my case it did not take very long.

Boy I have to say this sure brings back the memories. Besides visiting Barb in Oregon we used to go up north to Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver B.C. Canada quite frequently to visit our relatives. Every trip was exciting especially to get out of Gig Harbor. Being a small town leaving Gig Harbor was always an adventure. Though I still call it home visiting another place is always fun.

So do you have the answer to Uncle Sam? He does look friendly though he has those eyes that looks right you. I wonder what it would be like to actually meet Uncle Sam someday. Something to think about.

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