Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stories Written

I am sure most writers have to figure out what the readers will like and what they won’t like. I know I get surprised sometimes what you read here and what you decide not to read.

I have been writing this blog for just over two years starting in November 2013. I am still trying to figure out what you would like to read of mine and what you would not. I know it takes a lot of experience to do so. Looking at my top ten list I do have some ideas what you like so I will be writing more of that kind.

 I look forward to writing another story about my dad on February 2 since that day will be the 100th anniversary of his birth. My mother and I have already planned going out for dinner to celebrate this wonderful occasion on that date.

This year I hope to write more about family and friends along with other cities around the state of Washington. Also my nephew Ian will be getting married in August. I hope to be able to make his wedding in St. Louis, Missouri all depending on the health of my mother. She is now ninety-five and in pretty good health though she had a fall just before Christmas. She had twelve stitches put in the back of her head. The stitches were removed eight days later however she is still on the mend. Also, she is going through physical therapy at the local nursing home. Besides having residents there many people have outpatient physical therapy after being in an accident. They have a high reputation in the area. Next store is an assistant living facility as well. She plays bridge there twice a week. Her social life keeps her going for sure. She feels so good when she is able to get out and about. We live together which is so much better for her than being in an assisted living facility.

Besides going to St. Louis for Ian’s wedding I hope to do more traveling in the years ahead and I can write about it. Right now though my life is primarily taking care of mother; I have no problem doing so since she did so much for us when I was growing up. I have talked to other friends who have or did the same with one or both of their parents. Not an easy job however it is important they spend time with family. I know it is a sacrifice and not easy thing to do. In many cases at some point they may have to enter a nursing home because of their health. I hope this is not the case for my mother and she is able to die in her sleep someday. I know she does not want to be a burden on anyone. Many of the friends she has kept her going for sure.

Anyway as I inspire to write more in the weeks, months and years ahead enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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