Monday, February 8, 2016

Believing in Healing

Last August I wrote how I believe in Miracles and I gave a testimony about my own life where I was burned when I was four years old and I had a hearing problem too. I am writing here like it being part two.

I know that some of you may think I am off the wall to some degree which is really OK with me. I just hope to encourage those who do believe and help out those who do not or have questions as well. Like I say I am not an expert by any means just what I have learned over the years.

I would say when someone is healed it is a miracle. For some people it takes time to be healed and there are those who never get healed. It is hard to know why some people do and others do not get healed. It is a question I am sure all of us have asked ourselves and possibly others too. I am not sure if I have an exact answer to the question however I think we all learn from what I am going to write next.

My belief or you may call conclusion is that there are those who may not get healed because they are not sure they can be healed or those who may pray for them as well. I would never tell anyone they have doubt unless it is real clear to do so. It is important never to put that into their head especially if we are not sure.

Going further there is more possibilities why a person may not get physically healed. I am put this here to be clear for what I am going to say next. I am sure some of you may agree with what I say while others may think I am way out there. The reason they may not get healed because they have an emotional, mental or spiritual thing that is getting in the way. Other words maybe God wants those to be taken care of first before healing the physical. I am not saying that in all cases however it is a possibility and someone who has the knowledge and knowhow should look into. Also, if you are accustomed to praying for people to pray that they or you would get insight into those areas as well; certainly something to be aware of.

I know that doctors are needed and wanted however they don’t have all the answers even the phycologists who deal with the mind. So I think it is real important that we pray for people’s minds and spiritual being as well. We can open them up to a new world that can really help them.

I have prayed myself for other people when it comes to physical healing and in most part have been very successful however now that I have more insight I will pray for their mental and spiritual as well. If you have any questions I recommend that you contact your pastor or someone you trust when it comes to this kind of matter.  Good health to us all for sure.  


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