Sunday, February 7, 2016

Contacting Family

 I feel that family is very important. I am sure that you are aware how I feel about my family. Like I have said before that I have family around most of the world. This is especially true on my father’s side of the family.

Recently I contacted by email three cousins who are sisters in Perth, Australia about getting to know each other better. I let them know that I was related to them because their grandmother and my grandfather were sister and brother. We have met before however it has been a lot of years since they came to the Seattle area. I have never visited Australia before however another cousin who lives in Colorado visited them last March. She was the one who gave me their email addresses. Also I plan to write her more often as well.

I received an email from Margaret who is one of the cousins in Perth a few days ago. She told me about her family having five children which four of them are sons and her daughter is not married. She and her husband have fifteen grandchildren among them. What I found interesting she told me that her second son James who is a civil engineer is going to visit Harvard University next month for three weeks. This adds an interesting twist to the story since my younger brother and his wife Anne both graduated from Harvard well as three of their children. The youngest Danny is now attending Harvard and is a sophomore. So I wrote Margaret back to let her know and gave her Jack’s email address so James will be able to contact Danny. Sure makes life interesting when a relative from across the world is coming to where a family member is going to school. James will be spending three weeks at Harvard so he and Danny should be able to have some contact. They can talk and learn more about family on both sides of the oceans.

What I have realized in the last year especially there is nothing more special than family and classmates that you have grown up with. No matter how many friends I have now and I am close too family and classmates are still the most treasured part of life. Both family and classmates I do not see very often at all however when I do see one of them my heart feels a special bond. I believe there is no bond like the ones you had as a child. What I enjoy right now is able to keep in contact with family and classmates through social media. It is not perfect however it is the next best thing to being in person with them. So if you have a chance to see a relative or an old classmate I would take advantage of it very much. Though I do not live in the past it is nice to visit every once in a while. Until next time…….

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