Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunny Times

When winter happens around Seattle and Western Washington the last few years the temperatures are not as low it is in the Midwest and the East Coast. Other words it has been quite mild. I thought this year could change where it would hit below freezing for most of the winter and have a bit of snow but it is not happening again this year.

Most of this winter the temperatures here have been in the mid 40’s and 50’s though I prefer it being a bit colder myself. I have to say though most people here would not agree with me. So we have had a lot of rain this winter compared to last year. It is good news in that the mountains have had the right amount of snow this winter. Last year there was not much of a skiing season which hurts those who depend on it for their livelihood. Most people here prefer snow in the mountains and say if you want snow go there.

Here we have a lot of hills so when snow hits it is hard for people to get out of their driveway. I admit that I have had problems getting out of my driveway when it snows but I think it is worth it.

I know people are looking for spring to come so we can see the sun come out. Actually we have had some sun this winter however it is not as frequent as we have liked. Since I am a native I do recognize when the sun comes out even if it is for just a few minutes. You see here the weather can change several times in a day. We have had days that I remember where it has snowed, rain, sunshine and hail. I say it certainly makes days interesting for sure.

The times where we have had a lot of rains when going shopping I have seen rivers going by. Other words when driving you have watch what is going on. If you are walking watching your step is necessary too.

Last year though in February we had a lot of sun however this year February so far rain has been quite regular. I am not sure why every is looking spring because often it rains too and the temperatures are usually in the 50s and sometimes 60s which really is not much different than this winter.

So you see I  am not really complaining about the weather because I think it has been just fine though a little less rain would be nice however the biggest issue is the cloudy days. You see we miss the sun most of the winter even when it doesn’t rain. Like on Thursday we had little rain but no sun either except did peak its head out for few minutes this morning.  I figure we must accept all the blessings.

I hope though that the sun will decide to show its head more often during the spring. Last year June was a lot  different than I can ever really remember because the sun did decided to make its presence most of the month which is unusual around here. Most years we say summer begins on Fourth of July and may go into late September.  Whatever the case is I enjoy summer very much along with all the seasons around year.  

The sun I appreciate your welcome regardless how often you decide to show your presence.  I believe we should be thankful for the weather regardless the form it comes in though I do get tired of any kind of weather comes too often. You may not believe me however I can get tired of too much sun as well. It may take me three months or so to be tired of the sun.

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