Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Victoria British Columbia

 I will start doing a series at least once a week where I will write about different cities in the northwest including Canada. This week I start out with Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria is one of the most popular places for those in the northwest well as across Canada and United States. You can take a ferry ride from Vancouver, British Columbia well as Seattle, Washington. Also, in the area I live it is common for people drive to Port Angeles, Washington to take the ferry ride over as well. It is a two drive from my down of Gig Harbor to Port Angeles and ferry ride is another hour and an half. Many people leave their cars over in Port Angeles and ride the ferry on as a passenger. You can drive your call as well however it is more expensive to do so. There are many hotels near the ferry dock in Victoria you can stay at. Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities around to enjoy. The most famous place to visit in Victoria is Butchart Gardens. Many people visit there every year. In fact it is the main reason some go to Victoria at all. Above are a couple pictures from the gardens.

Another thing you can get around without a car very easy in Victoria. I am sure many from Great Britain enjoy their stay in Victoria. In fact someone I know who recently visited Victoria told me it is more British than Britain.  There are a lot of nice restaurants you can eat at in Victoria as well. So if you want to visit Britain without going to Britain Victoria is the place to go.

If you like to travel around Vancouver Island besides Victoria then a car is a must. There are a lot of very nice place to visit on the Island. My Aunt Judy lived in Chemainus which is very nice small town. It is known for art murals. She did do some art work herself. She had the talent more than I have ever had for art however she was unable to make faces very well. I have been told though faces are hard to do. I only spent one time there when I went with my mother to her funeral. My brother Jack came in by plane for the day before flying out. Also, my cousins Rob, Susan and Christy attended as well. Aunt Judy never married and had no children of her own. She treated us like we were her children so was not always kind but we all loved her dearly. She passed away about six years ago.

There are a lot of other small towns you can visit while on the Island that very nice. One of the towns I visited as a teenager was Tofino. Just like my town of Gig Harbor it is a fishing village. I visited Tofino because my Uncle Alan lived there and at the time he was dying of cancer and my mother did not want to drive there by herself. She knew that I would not mind missing school either. 

So if you have several days to spend on Vancouver Island I recommend making a trip to some of those other small cities. Both the east and west coasts of the Island are both very beautiful to see.

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