Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tough Guy

 After the last two days with St. Valentine’s Day and President’s Day I realize how important it for us guys to be a tough guy.

You may want to know why I am saying this and that is a good question. I believe we can be romantic guy as well being tough. This will all depend on the circumstance going on. When it comes to our wife or girlfriend being kind and gentle is very important while at the same time being tough when the time arises. This is especially with our partner and children. When someone comes against our partner or children we must fight for their wellbeing. Our family is the first priority in our lives no matter who the other person is. This can include our parents or other members of the family like siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. When I was a baby my father’s mother made my mother feel small and not doing anything right. You see my grandparents and our family lived together however my dad told his mother that unless things changed we would be moving out.  You see my dad was a tough guy when he needed to be. He let his parents know that our family was more important than how they felt under the circumstances. Most of the time my dad was gentle however like in this situation he was tough. This should be how we all should be under the right circumstance.

Other example athletes are tough when they are in game action however off the field they are kind. My younger brother played football in high school; he played on both the offense and defensive line. He was not a fast player or that tall. You see he was an inch shorter than me and I was about five foot eleven. He was heavier than me but not enough like most linemen. He played a private school where they needed him to play so he was a tough guy otherwise he would not survive. My sister-in-law when meeting him in college could not believe he played football since she saw him as a kind man. I am sure like my dad though he would go after anyone who goes after his family too.

We all heard about NFL football players who have been charged with domestic abuse. I see a guy who can’t recognize they have to take the action on the field does not apply elsewhere.  Some men and it may apply to women as well that being a tough guy can’t happen within their own home. What I mentioned earlier being tough does not mean to be violent or to hit those who come against your family. What I mean is that tough man speaks the words not the action unless necessary. Like I heard about Babe Ruth speak softly and carry a big stick.  

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