Saturday, March 26, 2016

Being a Happy Person

We do all realize when we have been around awhile everything does not go our way. In fact in our lives things go against us probably as much going for us.

I know in my life what I have desired most of all I am still waiting for to come about. In some instances I will never have my heart desire come true though I still hope they do come about. I do realize those desires when they do happen will make me a happier and better person however I can still be happy without them. You see I have learned over the years I must decide that I will be happy regardless of the circumstances. Why be miserable just because you don’t have everything you want. Life does not promise that we will get everything we want. Of course, we want us much as we can get because in the end we are selfish people even those of us who try not to be selfish.

What we have to decide in the end when we don’t get what we want it is important to find those things that will make us happy anyway. Sounds weird to me that I am writing we here a lot but that happens in a situation like this.

I have said on a many occasions in these writings it is important we find out what our purpose and destiny. Ultimately the purposes in our lives will make us fulfilling and happy.  

There are times in a day where I find it hard to be happy though things are going good. Our lives can be filled with emptiness and living like we are in a dry land. In those times we must draw within ourselves for hope and happiness. We must come back into the light from the darkness and despair. In these times we become stronger and happiness returns. Our purposes will come back to us knowing what we must do. Be happy today and let others be drawn to you.

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