Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Ahead

 Early this morning our time changed going ahead an hour unless you live in Arizona and Hawaii. Here in Washington State we are on the same time schedule as Arizona while Hawaii is two hours behind. I am not sure what time Alaska is on however that is a whole other story.

Everyone who has to change their clocks like the fact to remember the change spring ahead fall back. The thing though technically it is still winter for another week but we can’t say winter ahead since it is almost over; I know that I am being silly though. In October when the clock changes you could say fall back winter ahead because that is really true. We have winter to look forward to. Anyway how to remember is a lot better saying the way it is.

With cell phones, computers and cable it is a lot easier now because they change the time automatically so all you have to change is your clock, watch microwave and the stove. I did the change to microwave and stove before going to bed because I don’t have a watch or clock.  It was a good thing I thought however the electricity went out for a little while during the night so when I got up I had to fix the microwave and stove. Oh well life isn’t perfect is it.

It is nice though it will be lighter in the evening but be darker in the morning. Those who go to work early still have to contend with the dark. Again life isn’t perfect and can’t have everything at least not now. In the summer we will have it light in the morning and staying even lighter in the evening. Again we could talk about Alaska where it stays either dark most of the time or light in the same way.

Personally I wish the time would stay the same here all year long like in Arizona and Hawaii but I don’t think it will change because the lawmakers would have already done so. Which time the one we were on yesterday or the one we are on today? It doesn’t matter to me just choose one. Ok let’s keep it the way it is so we can always say spring ahead and fall behind.

I find another good reason to say spring ahead besides knowing we put the time ahead this morning is that winter will be over and we have something to look forward to. Think of the bears that get to come out of hibernation and have some fun. Yes I know I am being completely silly however we need to be silly once in a while especially after all the rain we have had here in Washington State. Speaking of the weather the forecast today besides the rain of course we are expecting high winds up to possibly 70 miles per hour. Very hard to believe since it hasn’t been that windy here for a long time. If you haven’t heard from me tomorrow means that our electricity went out. Again life isn’t perfect.

Anyway have a really good Sunday though you have one less hour unless live you know where. I hope I was able to make you chuckle unless you just shook your head. Good bye you all and smile.

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