Thursday, April 14, 2016

Being a Good Person

I have to say something we should all aspire to be is a good person. As we know it is not always an easy thing to accomplish.

These days’ people make it pretty hard sometimes for us to be good to them. It is by their actions most of the time. Fortunately most people try to be good although we all have the flip side too. None of us are perfect and that is trying about being good to. These days our world tries to make us believe in things that are not really good to be good. A lot of it has to do with the term being politically correct. This is something I don’t believe in very much. I know that we need to care and treat people very much on the other hand these days so much is being called good really is not good at all. I am not going to get into those things because there will be many people calling me judgmental at the very least.

What people are doing that is bad doesn’t change the fact they are bad. Everyone wants to think the best of everyone else which is fine however if I am doing something bad I should be told by those who really care about me that I am wrong. I know in my case I would do the same for others that I love and care about. I am not going to do it public but in privacy. What people do that I feel is wrong still will not change the way I feel about them.

It is a sad situation if I feel whatever I do that others are putting judgment on me. It is not really a good way to live. I would call myself paranoid if I felt that way all the time. Regardless I know what I am doing is wrong as well as those things I do right. I don’t have to tell others not to judge me. The most important thing is for me to judge myself. If I am in error again I want to those who know me and care very much about me to do so. All this makes me a better person in the end.

So again in public I may not speak out against what I feel is wrong unless people speak to me directly and tell me that I am wrong. If it is an issue I feel will strong about I will say so regardless if it is politically correct or not. We should be able to still have a freedom of speech though I do know under some circumstances we do not have any longer no matter what some people may say.

In the meantime to be a real good person is to be a trusted friend even though we may not agree with all their actions. I expect others to do the same for me.

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