Friday, April 22, 2016

Being Happy All the Time

I have to say not the easiest thing to happen in our lives however being happy all the time is something we should try to achieve.

Of course circumstances don’t make it easy to be happy but I think we should be able to achieve it if we possibly do so. Being happy is something that can truly happen.

I have never been to a third world country however friends of mine that have say the people seem to be happy even though their  circumstances we would think be contrary to it. Most of them have a hard time finding something to eat and they have to walk many places as well. They don’t have the things we would think would be required to be happy.

Growing up I found times where it was a struggle to be happy however all the pictures I am in shows me with a smile. It is possible I did so because I was told to smile however I believe that I was happier regardless of what was happening in my life. I have found all the things that made life tough have made me a stronger person too. I believe those who go along in life with few troubles have problems when trouble does come their way. I have figured out that the troubles I went through were normal way of life so what happens is part of life.

I have to say though I don’t have all of the answers to being happy but it sure beats being unhappy though. I sometimes wonder those I see that have frowns on their faces whether they are unhappy or this is a natural look for them. I have never had the chance to ask them. Of course you don’t want to offend someone either. It is possible they are not aware that they frown most of the time.

I know that I like it when people say that they like my smile. I am not sure how often I smile but it is nice to hear compliments like this. I know that I joke and laugh a lot but that different than smiling? What I know is that I have decided to be happy regardless of the circumstances happen in my life. I know that my life is not exactly the way I would desire it be however I make the most of it. Being happy sure beats being unhappy; I believe so many things can change for us if we are happy. Also I believe being unhappy means we have more focus on ourselves than on others. We are selfish in so many ways already than be all the time. I go into deep depression when I keep the focus on myself too. I am glad though I am not in that place often or for very long either. Being around others helps me out too. When we spend too much time by ourselves it is so easy to get depressed as well.  

The important thing is for all of us choose to be happy regardless of what is happening in our lives. We can’t control circumstances however we can control how we feel. Just like the song “Don’t worry be happy.”  A good motto for us all; have a happy day that you have decided on.

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