Thursday, April 21, 2016

On-Line Dating

Being a single man I have tried on-line dating. It has not been very successful I have found anyway. It is not that I have been given requests because I truly have but most of the women are flakey or at least not sure what they truly want.

I hope this true for sure or something is wrong with me which I don’t think really is the case. The few cases that I went on dates for lunch or dinner they women were real nice but they were not ready for a relationship. I know it was a small sample size so these women had just gotten out of a past relationship.

I am not saying anyone should decide not to try on-line dating because you may meet the love of your life just be careful. Another thing I recommend is not going for a long distance relationship without first putting things on the table. I found most of these long distance relationships are scams and they end up asking for money. This is especially true for anyone out of Africa and Eastern Europe however it can be within United States as well.

Most recently I have been on a couple sites where the women want to chat only. Since we are in a world where people first emailed and now text message that is what all they want to do. In other words they are not really looking for a true relationship just some fun. I am not saying this is true for all on-line dating sites just many of them. I am not sure why anyone wants to pay money out just to chat however they find that to be a way of entertainment. I figure if I want to chat only I can do that on social media sites with friends.

I do still figure to do some on-line dating however I expect that I may never find the woman I want to spend the rest of my life this way. Of course who knows even if it is only one in a thousand chances the woman does exist this way than it will happen. Also I am keeping my eyes open to the possibility the woman is right here in my town of Gig Harbor and we will meet at a coffee shop or grocery store. Who knows I may know her already.

So for you who are looking for the love of your life, soulmate or whatever names you want to stamp on it good luck in whatever manner you use. Just remember not to lay everything down and go chasing after it across the country or in a foreign land. It may happen that way however the guys I have known doing so have failed. Of course again it is a small sample size. May love win out! Amen!

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