Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life and the Outdoors

Here in the northwest there is so much to do in the great outdoors. Growing up here I spent a lot of my hours going sail boating along with rowing and fishing. Besides being on the water I spent a lot of time hiking while in boy scouts and outside playing little league baseball.

Where the park I played my home little league baseball games we had picnics sometimes along with playing football during the fall. The park had tennis courts too so my brothers and I played tennis sometimes to.

In the summer we went several times every year to Twanoh State Park that is on the Hood Canal. It takes about seventy minutes to drive to Twanoh. We not only went swimming we played tennis there to. They had camp grounds to and I remember at least once where we spent several days at the Park.

We only stayed indoors during the winter when it was raining. I spent time shooting baskets in our yard when it was not raining and neither of my best friends Gary and Bob was available.

In those days television was not very good so we only watched our favorite shows. We only got about three channels to see anyway. Now kids have so many different options however I don’t really understand how they spend hours watching videos. I recommend spending time still in the outdoors. They can watch videos at night when the sun goes down. It doesn’t make sense to me otherwise especially here in the northwest where we have so many options to do things.

Now with so many technical options they can still watch videos or listen to music while in the outdoors. They can watch videos when it is time for a good break or listen to music while walking or in the boats.

I see some kids that are overweight and that should not be happening. Of course some of that has to do with eating fast food. Even so they need to get as much exercise as possible. Occasional trip to a restaurant is fine but not on a regular basis. Families should spend more time at home to eat than they seem to do these days. I am not here to preach it but a good suggestion. Remember exercising can be fun besides a chore. Of course I never really thought of things I did as exercise I just like doing them.   

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