Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review of a Movie

 Yesterday I went to a movie with my mother after picking her up from playing bridge. I knew she wanted to see a movie but I didn’t know she wanted to see it that day. Anyway I asked her if there was some place she wanted to stop before going home. She replied to see a movie. So that is what we did. I was not sure the next showing of the movie took place so when I arrived I went in to check the time. Found that it was actually just starting with the previews for it was great timing.

It was fun to take in a movie with my mother. You see it is probably only the third time we have seen a movie together. Growing up my parents did not go to movies. I am sure mother may have taken us to a movie but dad really didn’t like seeing movies so it never happened. So the first movie with my mother was after my dad died and I was an adult. At this time I don’t remember what movie we went to. Yes I did see some movies growing up however it was my sister who took me and my brothers. I believe the first one was Hello Dolly followed by the Sound of Music.  The next two were Mary Poppins and Fiddler on the Roof. Of course, it was the period where a lot of musicals were happening; all great movies for sure.

So the movie mother and I went to see was The Jungle Book. I am not sure it is considered a remake or a new adaptation. I would say the second because the original was in animation. Whether you are a child or an adult I found The Jungle Book to be a fantastic movie. I recommend everyone to go see it. There was not as much music in it as the original however there was some. The action of the film looked so real. I say the animals looked real with animation thrown in. All of the animals looked real with very delightful personalities. The exception was the tiger who hated the man-cub Mowgli. I liked him to it was just that he was not very nice. I especially liked Bill Murray as the voice for Baloo the delightful bear.

The Jungle was as real looking as you can imagine and seeing Mowgli making his way through it was delightful as well. I am sure the movie isn’t perfect and you could throw some bullets at it I found it to be very wonderful to watch. I look forward to see it again some time to see small parts I may have missed or want to see again. So I give The Jungle Book an A in my book.

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