Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

What I like about Thursday’s is that on social media sites family and friends love to show pictures from the past. My cousin Jennifer showed pictures from her parent’s wedding. It was really nice to see them for the very first time. They looked so fantastic and happy at the time. My Aunt Patty and Uncle Bill are no longer with us however I think of them often just like my dad, Brother Dick along with grandparents and others that are no longer here.  I will be putting a few pictures here one that includes my dad and Dick.

I wonder if our loved ones can see us looking down from Heaven. I expect that they do. They love and encourage us from the other realm. Look forward to the day when I see them again. I am not in a hurry because I still have much more to do here. So here goes with some pictures. I hope you enjoy them and go ahead add some pictures of your own on social media. I am sure family and friends will enjoy them.

Dick on the left followed by sister Barb, me, brother Jack and Dad. I am not sure exactly where taken and when however I may have been a senior in high school.

My mother and friend last year taking a helicopter ride  celebrating her 95th birthday. Mother was thrilled by the experience.

My niece Leslie in Paris a few years ago. I am sure you can guess that.

Going way back my dad on the left followed by Dick, Barb, Mother and I on her lap.

I will share more pictures next Thursday.

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