Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What’s Next?

We all have a purpose and destiny I have shared on a quite a few occasions however we do have a question what’s next.

What do I mean by this? Even if we have discovered what our purpose and destiny is which I am sure most of us are still trying to figure out there is always more we can do. I am not saying that we should do more if we already have a full plate. In fact some of us maybe doing some things we are not really meant to do or time to move onto other things.

Though we are uniquely made and no other is like us there are still many who have talents like ours. What makes us unique then is that all of our talent and gifting’s makes us who we are. Though no one is exactly like us there are those who have the same talents and in many cases better at them then we are so it is important to see what fits us best.

Most of us change careers at least three times in our lives so that leaves what we can do to outside of our jobs. Depending on your situation it could be time to train others to do what you’re doing right now. Actually it could be where you are doing these things as well. Maybe it is time to move on to somewhere else to do the same thing. You have finished the time where you are at and this is the right time to move on to another place.

This can all apply to other things as well. For instance maybe you are doing something because no one else is doing so. Other words you are a stop gap. It really is not what you are that good at but no one else is doing the job. What you may have to do is go and find the person who should be doing the job. Remember you can only do so much. I know it is easier said than done however sometimes another person has to tell you and maybe I am the one who is. It is possible you have already heard this in your mind and need the confirmation. So go ahead and do what’s next.

I do hope this does help everyone out. I have to figure it out for myself as well. Sometimes there is a season where we can’t move and if you are in that place it is OK as well. For example right now I am looking after my elderly mother so I do have limits to what I can do. However someday I figure to move on. I know right now this is where I should be and it will last as long as it should. Taking care of my mother is a very important task and I know that I will be rewarded for it. Fortunately at her age she is doing quite well. I hope that her health doesn’t decline in a manner where she has to be taken care by others. The history of her family most likely this will not happen. She likely will die of old age with her heart going out I expect. I enjoy being around her though at times things are not easy but I have the gifting to do so. Until next time I look forward to us all knowing what is next.  



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