Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Next Chapter

Every day is a new page in our lives. What defines a new chapter all depends on us. I have lived in Gig Harbor, Washington all my life except a few months where I moved to Forks, Washington when I was twenty. It was the first time I lived on my own without family or friends around. Actually I met a few new friends for that period of time. They were a lot like me living in a new town out in the middle of nowhere. The city of Forks is now famous because of the Twilight series. It is the farthest west you can go in the United States on the Washington coast and it rains there a whole lot.
What did I do during the months I spent in Forks? I worked at the local radio station as a DJ and doing the news too. Though it was not the greatest of times I still enjoyed my time there before returning to Gig Harbor.
Though both Forks and Gig Harbor are small towns there is a significance difference between the two. Gig Harbor there is a lot more to do than in Forks. For one thing there are larger communities that surround Gig Harbor like Tacoma and Seattle. The one thing that hasn’t changed a whole lot since I was a kid that many feel that they are disrespected for living in a small town although Gig Harbor has a higher standard of living than many of the places surrounding it.
The thing that makes it hard to live in Forks is that the town is very isolated from the rest of the world. Also it rains there a lot since it is real close to the Olympia Rain Forest. When I lived there truly not much for me to do outside of working besides meeting new friends; at the time logging was the major industry. I am sure they still do logging but the industry is no longer what it used to be. What I would say Forks is a good place to visit but I really would not want to live there. Gig Harbor on the other hand is a great place to live. It has the atmosphere of a small town while you can drive to the city if you like. Those who work outside of Gig Harbor can go home and have the feeling of a small community.
When I was growing up everyone knew each other. At least we knew each other names anyway. There were some kids that moved in during my school years to Gig Harbor however the majority I grew up with and new. There were three elementary schools along with one junior high and high school. So if you did not know someone in elementary school you did when you reached junior high.
That period of time was a large chapter of my life and I have had many others since. I figure in the future to do some traveling so that will be included in my chapters ahead. Right now for me is to keep plugging away and adding more pages. For each of us is to figure how the best we are going to do in filling those pages out. Enjoy your days whether you are in the same chapter or you have moved on to the next chapter. If you are in planning stages for the next chapter I wish you the best too.

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