Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Picking Yourself Up

 Last week falling down I had to pick myself up or I would not get any help. This is what we all need to do over time regardless of the situation that made us fall.

You may have fallen like me or circumstance happened that is making it hard to pick yourself up. We can look at the people in Orlando who lost their lives or are recovering from the shootings. I know it will take some time get back up and move on. My encouragement is that you will stand again though it may take some time. We are all in a different place so what works for me may not for you. The families in Orlando who had loved ones that died will be affected for some time. The healing that takes place will be different for each one. The important thing is to take the time no long how long. If you know someone who is going through a hard time my suggestion is to be there for them and let them take the time they need. Don’t push them to get up faster and you may have to help them get up. Another thing is there something you can do for them. It doesn’t have to be anything big it can be small too. It could be just a hug or a kiss on the cheek. What I found in my case when my brother died in 1992 and then my father the following year both in June I needed friends to be there. They did not have to say anything at all.  I have realized that after losing both of them how everyone deals with mourning can be different. I can’t understand what they are going through though the circumstance can be the same.

When someone falls help them up if they like you too. They may fall many times over but you are there to help them up once again. Are you in the place where you have fallen and you can’t get up by yourself let your family and friends help you up.  I am here in spirit with you and my thoughts are with you if you’re dealing with a very tough situation. I remember a couple years ago when I found out I have a heart that skips and before that I came down with a blood clot. Neither easy at all and then last year I came down with kidney stones. Now I am doing OK with them all being treated however I do still go through testing.  In fact this week I have a test after two years to see the state that my heart is in. These things are not easy at all but I still must keep on moving because I don’t have a lot of other choices though not always easy. Again let your family and friends know so they can walk beside you. Many blessing to everyone wherever you are in life.


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